6 Weeks to Turn
Resolutions into Habits

Whether you’re a fan of resolutions or now, the new year reinvigorates us to look inward and make positive changes in our lives.

Join me for six weeks as we work together to create new habits and take care of ourselves to make 2022 the best year yet.


No resolutions, just results.

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How does it work?

I’ll be your guide and support you through the 6 weeks. We’ll work on self-care, stress management, creating healthy habits, health and fitness, and more. This is not a group coaching program. I will be your 1:1 guide. Because of this, there are limited spots available.

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2 x 60 Min Coaching Sessions ($497 value)

We’ll come together at the beginning and end of the 6 week period. To start, we’ll talk about the program, take a Holistic Assessment and create an action plan for you during the 6 weeks. In the end, we’ll come back together to see how it went and what you learned. I’ll also give you strategies to keep moving forward with your progress.

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Voxer Support ($797 value)

This process is different for everyone.

If you’re stuck in a particular area I’m here for you with real-time Laser Coaching to support you via Voxer.

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Workbook ($197 Value)

After our initial conversation, you’ll get access to a workbook that will guide you through the six weeks.

This workbook is full of holistic health, fitness, and nutrition information plus guided exercises, prompts, and more to keep you on track.

$1,497 total value!

Hello, my friend.

I’m Denise Morrison.

I struggled for decades to overcome traumatic experiences from my own past.

I compensated for my lack of confidence with degrees and professional success.

I numbed my pain with addictive eating and self-abusive behaviors.

But when I finally turned to the right teachers and coaches,

I learned that change does not need to take decades. Change can actually be instantaneous. And change can be lasting.

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