Aren’t you tired of always putting your needs last?

I’m Denise Morrison, the coach for high-achieving women who are done burning the candle at both ends and sacrificing themselves for everyone else. 

I help you go from feeling exhausted, unmotivated and unworthy to energized, empowered, and so confident that you’ll have zero guilt in putting your own needs first and feel happy and healthy again. Are you ready?


I believe that women deserve to confidently know, trust & value themselves so they can make the right decisions that lead to a life of ease, peace, and abundance.

The problem is that too many women were raised to put others’ needs ahead of their own and suffer with guilt, shaming, self-judgmental thoughts and feelings.

They often struggle with self-doubt caused by fears and beliefs that stifle their their ability to love and care for themselves and affecting their health, happiness, and success.

Does it sound way too familiar? I’m here to help.

Together, we will work on releasing your past childhood and cultural crap so you can learn how to value and trust yourself in order to confidently make powerful decisions to create your most fulfilling life.


"Wow. This woman knows her stuff! The way she integrates mind, body and spirit is truly a gift! She helped me to pull out thirty years of confusion and make it crystal clear, in thirty seconds flat."

Katelyn Flores
Free Your Tangled Mind


I completely understand how it feels to be out of sync with your body and yearn to get back to it but not knowing how

I struggled for decades to overcome traumatic experiences from my own past. I compensated for my lack of confidence with degrees and professional success.

I’ve been a physical therapist and working in the healthcare field for a very long time. There was a time when I believed that health and happiness depended on the strength of the physical body—things like exercise and eating right. 

But then my own life experiences put that idea into serious question. 

I was living in Australia, newly married to my husband from New Zealand.  I thought I was perfectly healthy, but we were really struggling to get pregnant. I tried everything–saw a doctor, a naturopath, changed my diet…but nothing helped. 

It was a functional medicine practitioner who took one look at me and saw beyond the  healthy lifestyle and saw that it was likely my mindset keeping me stuck.

She referred me to an NLP coach who identified that my experience with an extremely abusive father caused me to take on a lots of unhealthy beliefs and thought patterns that were depleting me of my life force and energy. So of course I wasn’t going to make a child. I didn’t have it in me to do that.

It was through the process reprogramming my brain—and all the things that I now do for my clients—that my hormones came back into balance & I finally became pregnant.

This experience opened my eyes to the power our brain, mindset and self-talk really have over us

If you had seen me before that time, you would not have even recognized me for who I am today.  This experience some 2 decades ago is what led me into my career as a Personal Development Coach using tools like NLP, Transformational Health & Life Coaching, as well as Trauma-Informed & Neuro Safe Coaching strategies to help women like you overcome self-defeating patterns and really transform their lives.

Because change is POSSIBLE. And the solution lies within you.

The values that drive my process

cultivating a space of trust

Trust in client interactions is paramount to creating a profoundly transformative coaching experience. It’s my goal to create a space for my clients to explore their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism, knowing that my guidance is grounded in genuine understanding and empathy. 

Honesty & Integrity First

My clients can trust that they receive information, resources, and guidance that is authentic, accurate, and evidence-based. Honesty is essential so my clients can feel safe communicating openly and know that their private details are held in the strictest confidence.

mutual respect & accountability

Through empowering relationship, I’m ultimately aiding my clients in achieving their personal and professional aspirations with a solid foundation of moral excellence. I foster an atmosphere of collaboration so they can become an active participant in their journey & learn to confidently own their decisions.

what’s next?

Take the next few moments to sit, imagine and feel the possibilities of a new and different YOU


You wake up and automatically feel grateful to be alive. You’ve had a full, refreshing night’s sleep and feel energized and excited to create your day.


You pass by your mirror, smile when you see yourself and say “I love you” to your beautiful body.


You feel at ease because you have the skills to release worrisome thoughts and reframe your self-talk to align with your powerful beliefs.


With a new sense of internal motivation and self-love, you know  you genuinely believe you deserve to take time for yourself


Making decisions throughout your day is a piece of cake now because you know what’s most important in your life, and YOU are in control of your choices.


As you progress through your day, your mind is focused, and your breath flows quickly and effortlessly. You’ve learned how to stay grounded in the peace within.


You feel alive, vibrant, and strong because you know what foods fuel your energy, and you’ve been consistent with your exercise routines.


You can count on yourself to know when to say “YES” to what brings you happiness & joy and “NO” to the things that are out of alignment with what’s important to you.

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"Denise is the real deal! Such an AMAZING individual on so many levels and the best personal development coach!I have known and worked with her for nearly ten years and she has helped me and others through so many physical, emotional, and professional challenges!"

Michelle Burek
Occupational Therapist & Mom

Are you ready?

Learn how to trust in yourself and reclaim your confidence so you can powerfully create a life that you desire

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