Rewire into Radiance:

A 12- week Coaching Program for Women

Let me show you the right tools to bring more energy, confidence, and calmness into your everyday life. It’s time to say goodbye to your frustrations and hello to your aspirations

Real talk…

It’s true, high-achieving women are naturally hardwired to work hard…

But as you’re constantly managing an endless to-do list while trying to over-deliver, you may find out that you’re ignoring your own needs.

You may find yourself exhausted from the constant battle with anxiety that seems to appear without warning. Overwhelmed by the mental clutter that keeps you up at night. Tired of the sheer physical exhaustion that greets you each morning.

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.
And I’m here to help. 

1:1 coaching program for high-achieving women who appear to have it all together on the outside, but deep down, they know that things are not okay

Does this sound familiar?

On the outside you are…

  • High-achieving and successful in your business or career
  • Organized and keeping things together for everyone around you
  • Dependable, helpful, and always the one to say YES!
  • Doing all the things to stay healthy, like workouts, yoga, meditations, or the latest trend
  • Seemingly friendly, outgoing, and happy around friends, family, and coworkers
  • Loved and respected for your accomplishments and contributions

On the inside you are…

  • Doubting yourself or feeling like you’re not good enough
  • Overthinking and filled with worries, anxiety, or fear
  • Feeling shame, guilt, or beating yourself up in your mind
  • Numbing out with food, alcohol, extreme exercise, or other addictions
  • Feeling exhausted, burned out, and mentally overwhelmed
  • Wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns and never feel fully at peace

If you can relate, it may mean that subtle patterns in your unconscious mind & body are keeping you stuck.

What you may not know is that past experiences can hardwire negative patterns into your mind and body. And unless you have the tools to tap into that wiring, the internal battles rage on.

The good news is that once you learn to release and reprogram those patterns, a real change becomes possible.

Woman journaling during our personal development coaching program
Woman choosing to put herself first during our personal development coaching program

Because here’s the thing…

When you change your inside experience, the outside experience transforms for you

This is going to get deep, so stick with me.

If you’re anything like many of the women I work with, you are doing all the things—healthy food, exercise, yoga, meditation, affirmations, reiki, massage, personal development books, and maybe even years of therapy.

It seems logical that by now you would feel better.

And yet, you don’t.

The real reason that everything you’ve been trying is not working is because your brain is fighting the change.

I will show you a method that effortlessly rewires the brain and helps you align with what you truly desire. Your mind and body will finally be in sync with each other.

And it might be easier than you think.

I was barely surviving. I was having severe anxiety attacks when I sought out Denise for coaching.

“They were debilitating. They were causing me not to sleep well, and I had trouble functioning during the day. I was barely surviving. I was having difficulties with work because of my anxiety and lack of sleep. Denise was able to help me get unstuck from my anxiety because I couldn’t get out of it alone.”

– Karen Udvarhely
Furbaby Mom & Accounting Manager

Denise gave an intuitive & fresh perspective in all areas of my life and the opportunity to stop ‘shoulding’ on myself.

“I am grateful to have done the holidays differently this year and to have honoured my needs, energy and well-being first and foremost. I have created boundaries that serve me and my health and wellness. I have received clarity on how I want the future to look and feel. I am eternally grateful for Denise’s insights for the many curveballs that came my way during our time together and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking support.”

– Ashley Holmes


Humor me for a second…

How would your life be different if you could:


Leave behind the stressed and anxious you and learn new ways to keep yourself focused, calm, and at ease.


Gain confidence in your ability to make decisions that serve you and find your unique path to become your own trusted guide through life.


Align your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions to your most essential priorities based on what you value in life.


Quiet your mind and quit overthinking to effortlessly tune into your intuitive wisdom to know what feels right and good for you.


Embrace a success mindset and create firm boundaries to say a firm NO without feeling guilty about it.


Retire old habits of self-sabotage to break the cycle of emotional coping habits (like addictive eating).

Because here’s the honest truth…

When you learn to rewire your brain to release blocks from the subtle unconscious body, creating a real change in your life is possible.

Through coaching sessions and daily implementation, I’ll help you discover what you want most in life and give you the tools—including deep belief restructuring—to achieve those things.

You’ll learn to reprogram and transform three key areas:

1. Behaviors

We’ll look into things like your diet, exercise, sleep, energy levels, stress management, and daily self-care habits.

2. Beliefs

We’ll inspect things like your mindset, thoughts, self-talk, and the most profound ideas you hold about yourself and others to uncover beliefs that keep holding you back.

3. Being

We’ll uncover how you see yourself on a deeper, subconscious level and leverage the power of neuroplasticity to create new neural pathways to become a different version of yourself.

I see you because I’ve been you

I know what it feels like to have tried all the things. It can be hard to even imagine what a better life could be like

What have you already tried to ​feel better, have more confidence, make better decisions, change your habits, decrease your stress, find time for self-care, and so on? 🥹

Many ​clients come to me after they’ve tried ​self-help books/courses, watching videos on TikTok/YouTube/IG, the latest products, surgery, therapy, vacations, or the latest diet and workout programs.

It’s frustrating because those solutions don’t work for everyone.

And sometimes, they work temporarily, but the results don’t last.

Enter: Rewire into Radiance

This program is a beautiful blend of my 30+ years of education and experience in Physical Therapy practice in 2 countries and the powerful techniques of Transformational Health and Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Bredesen Protocol, and Trauma Informed Coaching.

A photo of Denise Morrison - personal development coach for high achieving women

We’ll keep things simple

The last thing you need is one more item on your to-do list

This program is about subtracting things from your plate, decluttering the deep unconscious mind, and freeing up your mind and body to have the energy to do the things you really desire in life.

Whereas the old way of doing things was to do more things, go to more therapy, or add more practices to your plate, Rewire Into Radiance is the opposite.

It’s a heart-centered approach focused on ease, peace, and simplicity.

You’ll come to genuinely care for yourself as a natural, ingrained part of how you live your life.

It will give you the tools to break free from the painful cycle of trying all the things and finally have tools to choose a new path at any moment.

If it was possible for me, it is possible for you too.

Denise is the type of coach who looks at the whole person

“She can bring so many pieces together for people. She can listen deeply and feel what’s needed for you, and nobody else has done that for me. Denise helped me see that I was using food to soothe myself and caffeine as my energy source. She also showed me that it didn’t have to be “hard” to make changes. I finally learned how to manage my stress with “grounding” tools like journaling, and it’s been a Godsend.”

– Michelle Burek
Mom, Wife, & Occupational Therapist

I was not acknowledging everything holding me back and the resistance it created in my life.

“Denise helped me look backward to understand the truth behind the stories I told myself. As a result of working with Denise, I could take some significant steps in my life and make some decisions for my health and happiness without the burden of guilt. I am more confident in my abilities to lead a wholesome, healthy life and have developed a new mindset and habits that I can easily sustain.”

– Anu Rathore
Mom, Wife, & Business Performance Coach

I started working with Denise because I had no self-confidence, and felt I was worthless.

The changes I experienced when working with Denise helped me explore where the feeling of worthlessness was coming from. She helped with how to do self-talk to help with keeping my feelings of self-confidence. My insights for my future look amazing. I will be able to get the job I want, and be in a relationship with friends or a life time partner. I will actually have genuine happiness in my life. Most importantly, my family will treat me the way I want. I feel confident in myself and that I do matter. Most of all I deserve pure happiness.

I would tell anybody who may be thinking about working with Denise to just do it. You will learn so much, you will not regret it. She will help you change your life. Just be open to the change and do the work.

– Florence Todi


Rewire Into Radiance is not your typical personal development coaching experience

Rewire Into Radiance will give you more clarity on what you want in life, more confidence to create those things, and a deeper connection with your intuition as a guide. Instead of the old way, you’ll learn powerful tools that help you rewire your mind and your body for a life that feels aligned with YOU.

🙅 Without spending more years in therapy
🙅 Without rehashing your entire childhood
🙅 Without another weight loss or fad fitness program
🙅 Without buying yet another self-help book from Amazon
🙅 Without feeling like a failure that you’re not seeing change

During our deep and intimate 1:1 coaching sessions we focus on what you WANT from your life (not what you don’t want) so we can plan actionable steps to set in motion your incredible results.

We’ll meet every week on Zoom and be in touch via Voxer as often as needed. 

Some of the tools we use:

Intuitive Listening – By observing what you say, how you say it, and how your body moves when you describe your situation, I can help you “see” yourself in ways you may not have thought of.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – I use this powerful tool to engage all of the senses which makes it easier to shift thoughts and behaviors.

Neuroplasticity – Your brain can rewire and change the way it functions. We use science-backed brain training programs to accelerate this process.

Stress Relief Techniques – Life happens. That’s why you’ll learn simple techniques to better deal with stressful situations so you can stay more in the flow and less in a state of frozen anxiety or overwhelm.

Health & Lifestyle Coaching – Our mental state responds not only to our thoughts and beliefs but also to our everyday habits. If it makes sense in your case, we’ll work together to optimize your diet, exercise, sleep, and other routines.

Trauma-Informed Coaching – I empower clients to achieve profound growth and lasting transformation.

Through a holistic approach rooted in Relational Neuroscience and psychology, I help individuals navigate trauma’s impact, fostering resilience and authenticity. By identifying trauma indicators, providing compassionate support, and guiding clients towards self-regulation techniques, I facilitate a journey of empowerment and growth, enabling them to embrace their destined life while releasing past burdens.

She has helped me in so many ways!

“Denise helped me identify patterns and create new habits. I wanted to make changes for a long time and tried something new last fall. I am making positive changes and appreciate the information Denise provides. She has helped me in so many ways!”

– Kristen Maahs
Mom, Wife, Health Educator, & Advocate

Denise is an empathetic coach

“She deeply listens to your story and helps you to see the patterns that are no longer serving you. She then finds out what it is you want and helps you reach and exceed your goals. Denise is also an “ out of the box “ thinker and a joy to have in your team.” 

– Eugenie Ermis

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.


What types of things can coaching help with?

Denise is both a health coach and a life coach, meaning she has an extensive toolbox to support you. 

The Rewire Into Radiance program can support you in improving your health, weight, food cravings, energy, and sleep. It can help you with stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and burnout. It can give you the clarity to make changes in your relationships, career, or big life decisions. It can help with things like time management, motivation, mindset and self-confidence. If you want to break old patterns and create a happier and healthier life, this program is for you.

What’s included in Rewire Into Radiance?

This is a deeply personal 1:1 coaching program that includes coaching sessions (online via Zoom), unlimited Voxer messaging with Denise, and tools to help you reprogram your body and mind for better health and success. You can get all the details about coaching packages and pricing by requesting the brochure from this page.

What are Denise’s credentials?

Denise has been a licensed and practicing healthcare professional since 1992. She has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Health & Life Coaching certifications, Transformational Coach Mastery Certification, Trauma Informed Coaching Certifications, and the Master NLP Practitioner certification.

How is this life coaching different from therapy?

Think of it like this: Life coaching helps you create your future, while therapy works on fixing something from the past. Whereas therapists provide mental health treatment, life coaches are trained to help identify hurdles and problematic behaviors, habits, or patterns so that you can gain clarity around your current situation. We work together to help you:

  • Reach specific goals and outcomes
  • Feel more fulfilled and confident
  • Make better decisions
  • Create a successful future

Therapists and life coaches often use different tools as well. Therapy usually involves much talking, whereas the Rewire Into Radiance program involves a unique blend of NLP, trauma-informed coaching, brain training, stress relief and mindset-shifting techniques, health and life coaching, and more.

Our coaching sessions are often a full-body experience because our mind is not separate from our body. All of our thoughts, emotions, and memories are connected with sights, smells, and other sensations.

After the sessions, you’ll feel more confident and calm but may also notice improvements in your energy, sleep, digestion, stamina, mental clarity, emotional resilience, and overall happiness, health, and well-being.


Let’s talk!

Let’s work together to end the cycle of repeating the same unhealthy patterns

Are you ready for an easier way to shift your energy, emotions, and life experience?

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