Transformational Journal

Rewrite Your Body Story





What story are you telling yourself about your body?

Do you speak about your body in an unkind way?

Do you feel selfish investing time or energy in yourself?

Are you afraid of what might happen if you were to lose weight or get more fit?

If any of that sounds like you, here is your invitation to REWRITE YOUR BODY STORY.


This journal will guide you to…

Uncover the truth about the beliefs you have about your body—even if you think you already know or have tried to change them.

Discover how those beliefs have created your habits—and why you don’t need them anymore even if they once served a purpose.

Create a better body story that will release you from the past and open you to a brand new you.

 This journal is for you if….


  • You keep trying to lose weight but it always seems to come back.
  • You know you need to create healthier habits but something keeps getting in the way.
  • You want to learn how to let go of negative self-talk and body stories so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin!
  • You want to create a mindset that helps you love and respect yourself and your body.

Meet Your Coach

Hello my friend. I’m Denise Morrison, from Norfolk, Virginia.

I am a holistic transformational health and life coach for women who want to get out of their own way and confidently create the beautiful life they desire.

I’ve been in a dark place before and have discovered that transformation does not need to take years or decades. Change can actually be instantaneous and lasting.

And it all begins with the stories you tell yourself.



“I have been working with Denise for many weeks now on how to improve my life. Really mainly my negative thoughts and feeling of giving up on me.

I just didn’t want to try anymore to be happy. It’s seemed to hard. But now I have so many tools and she is keeping me motivated to see the positive and look for my angels looking out for me.

I want to have joy and I believe my career and love life will be everything I want .

There’s so much more I could say but it gets too personal.

You have definitely made a huge impact in my life and it’s nice after 46 years to have hope.

Thank you Denise.”

Karen Udvarhely


“Denise helped me months ago, and I am still touched by her kindness.

We had a hilarious, yet informative chat about how pregnancy changes your body!

She was super knowledgeable about my split rectus abdominis and the joys of the pelvic floor.

She sent me personalized videos that allowed me to put her strategies into action asap. Thanks again!”

Kerri Ciskowski 

You can have the body and the life that you want—but it takes some inside work.

Learn how to rewrite your body story in this step-by-step journaling exercise.

Say goodbye to your biggest frustrations and hello your biggest aspirations.

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