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I help women overcome any obstacle they face and finally live a life of freedom!

About Denise

Denise Morrison is a transformational coach for women who want to live to their highest potential.

After decades of working in healthcare as a physical therapist, Denise expanded her skillset into the evidence-based sciences of nutrition and exercise, as well as the more mystical therapies emerging from neuroscience and quantum healing.

Denise is a Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches, and a Certified Life Coach with Transformational Coach Mastery through the Health Coach Institute, She is also a Master NLP Practitioner.

Denise is a powerful educator and speaker—helping women break free from the past, ignite change in the present, and create the future of their deepest dreams and desires.

Talks and Topics

How to Overcome Any Obstacle in Life

Discover the 3-step process to turn your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities.

Live Your Life on Purpose

Stop living in reaction to everybody else and design a life that’s true to you.

3 Secrets to Stop Self-Sabotage

Put a halt to the negative self-talk with a method that actually works.

Ditch the Past & Love the Future

Learn a simple method to break free from past patterns and create the future you want.

“Beliefs can be hidden below the surface yet affecting everything you do.”

Questions You Could Ask Me

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"Wow. This woman knows her stuff!

The way she integrates mind body and spirit is truly a gift!

She helped me to pull out thirty years of confusion and make it crystal clear, in thirty seconds flat."


Free Your Tangled Mind

"Denise is the real deal!!

Such an AMAZING individual on so many levels and the best health/wellness and life coach!!

I have known and worked with her for nearly ten years and she has helped me and others through so many physical, emotional, and professional challenges!"



Occupational Therapist & Mom


"Denise is a very gifted, knowledgeable, and deep work coach. She helped me open up to possibilities I never knew existed for me. With her guidance, I was able to visit parts of me I would have never dared to on my own. If you are at a crossroads, question your journey, and what is stopping you from moving forward and accelerating in life and work, you have to talk to her. She will deconstruct your belief system brick by brick and build you back up with immense support and compassion. This kind of deep work really opens up portals that may be the key to your better life."


Mom & Business Performance Coach

"Working with Denise has helped me to see with wide eyes what I need to do for myself. I have been very neglectful for years. I need to live my life with my happiness. Denise is an extremely compassionate person. She is always available to help you reach your goals on whatever journey you may have. I am a repeat client of Denise’s. Whenever my life goes off track, I reach out to Denise and she is always there to help me regroup and refocus where I need to be."


President at AAPM, LLC

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“Honor who you are at the core of your being. That’s when you become unstoppable.”

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