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What do we chat about during these sessions?

  • What does a personal development coach do?
  • How do I stop giving into my cravings?
  • Why am I so stressed?
  • Why am I not losing weight?
  • How do I get healthy?
  • I need help with time management.
  • I’m looking for motivation.
  • I’m battling a lack of self-confidence in how to eat and exercise.
  • Help with changing my self-esteem and mindset
  • I need help learning to care for myself, to say NO to everyone, and make myself a priority.
  • How can I find balance in my life?
  • I need help with finding a new career that’s more fulfilling.
  • I need support and/or guidance with my relationship.
  • Preventative health and life coaching for reducing cognitive decline, hormonal concerns and other genetic conditions.

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Ready, motivated, and in need of guidance NOW? With the proper guidance, you can rebuild the life you want and shift your energy to achieve anything you want and things you never even knew you wanted!

I started working with Denise because I had no self-confidence, and feeling I was worthless.

“The changes I experienced was Denise helped me explore where the feeling of worthlessness was coming from. She helped with how to do self-talk to help with keeping my feelings of self-confidence. My insights for my future look amazing. I will be able to get the job I want, and be in a relationship with friends or a lifetime partner. I will actually have genuine happiness in my life. Most in portent my family will treat me the way I want.

I feel confident in myself and that I do matter. Most of all I deserve pure happiness. I would tell anybody who may be thinking about working with Denise to just do it. You will learn so much, you will not regret it. She will help you change your life. Just be open to the change and do the work.”

– Florence

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