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What do we chat about during these sessions?

  • What does a transformational health & life coach do?
  • How do I stop giving into my cravings?
  • Why am I so stressed?
  • Why am I not losing weight?
  • How do I get healthy?
  • I need help with time management.
  • I’m looking for motivation.
  • I’m battling a lack of self-confidence in how to eat and exercise.
  • Help with changing my self-esteem and mindset
  • I need help learning to care for myself, to say NO to everyone, and make myself a priority.
  • How can I find balance in my life?
  • I need help with finding a new career that’s more fulfilling.
  • I need support and/or guidance with my relationship.
  • Preventative health and life coaching for reducing cognitive decline, hormonal concerns and other genetic conditions.

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