6 reasons to take a social media break

Social media sabbatical


The Morrisons are loving this downtime together after a very frenetic, stressful, and emotional few years.

I am seriously blown away that we are about to enter into 2022!!

Coming to a complete STOP to pause and reflect has helped us all reset our priorities, review our values and realign what is truly important to us as individuals and as a family.


“It really feels AMAZING to take this much-needed time off and replenish ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.”


With that being said, I am taking a social media sabbatical so that my nervous system has a complete rest from all of the stimulation that the world of social media gives off.

Taking a break from social media is something people might do as a form of digital detox. According to some studies, staying connected with smartphones and the internet can be harmful to our well-being. I can pull up 6 reasons why you need a break from social media.



Six benefits of taking breaks from social media.


A study from June 2018 found that people felt happier, calmer, and more present after a three-week social media sabbatical. They were able to focus more on the present moment and felt a reduction in anxiety.


1. Improved wellbeing


A study from 2013 showed that people who abstained from Facebook for a week had increased levels of FOMO (fear of missing out) but had lower levels of satisfaction with their life after the week was over. They were more likely to engage with their friends in real life rather than online.

Similarly, people who took a break from all forms of social media had a significant decrease in negative emotions like depression and anxiety. Their self-esteem increased too.

Taking a break from social media can provide huge benefits for your well-being. There is definitely something to be said about the benefits of taking a step back from it all for at least a week.


2. More time to do other things


A lot of people are working through the day to keep up with social media. The average person spends around 3 hours a day on social media. This leaves little time to do other things, like spending time with family or friends, playing sports, or exercising.

Taking a break from social media means you have to spend time on other things. According to your schedule, how much time do you really have available to spend on other activities?


3. A greater understanding of yourself


It can be very beneficial to take a step back from social media and take an honest look at yourself. It’s important to see what you’re struggling with, as well as what makes you happy. Taking a break from social media can give you some perspective on yourself and your surroundings.


4. Appreciating the moment itself


In a world where we’re constantly connected to our smartphones, it can be easy to lose ourselves on the internet. We’re always looking at updates from other people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We’re checking for notifications every five minutes because the fear of missing out is becoming more prevalent.

Taking a break from social media lets you appreciate the moment more. By taking a break, it becomes easier to understand what’s going on around you.


5. Reduced fear of missing out


Taking a break from social media can help with the fear of missing out. This phenomenon has been analyzed as a result of social media saturation. Because we’re constantly connected to our friends and family online, we feel like we should be doing the same things online.

As a digital detox or experiment, taking a break from social media can be beneficial to your FOMO (fear of missing out). You may realize that you have other things to do in real life, not just on the internet.


6. Better interaction with others


Taking a break from social media can improve your interactions with people in person. Research has shown that closing your laptop and engaging with others face to face is rewarding. This applies to social media too.

If you take a break from social media, your interactions with other people online could improve. You’ll see social media in a different light when you take a break from it, and your mental, physical and emotional wellness will have had a chance to reset.


I wish you all a wonderful last week of December and 2021!!

Love, light, and lots of blessings to you all,

Denise x




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