3 Ways to Instantly Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life

So everyone talking about mindset, and why is it so important? 

Well, as a healthcare professional, I know how important it is to have a healthy mindset to make decisions and choices that will positively impact your overall well-being. 

According to Mental Health America, about 20% of adults suffer from mental health concerns. That’s about 50 million Americans. Add to that, the whole mess the pandemic created, and 25% more people are experiencing anxiety, depression, psychosis, loneliness, and other ill effects. 

Now, as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I know how paralyzing, frustrating and painful anxiety and depression can affect your success, happiness, and whole life. 

So I want to help you create a mindset that will ensure life feels much more manageable and better overall. The goal is for you to be more in control and capable of looking after your well-being. 

Do you want to truly step into the life they love and deserve?

Well, that’s why I’m here helping women let go of a self-defeating mindset, self-talk, behaviors, habits, and unwanted ways of being.

Because I have a special connection with other healthcare professionals and educators who have been taught that putting everybody first is okay. 

But then what happens? 

You get burned out.

You feel defeated. 

You set yourself up for a host of issues because your mindset was not aligned with what’s important to you. 

And to help you with this, I want to offer you a unique mini-course called the Seven Day Mindset Reset.You can enroll now for free. 

The Seven-Day Mindset Reset will help you set your mind in the right direction to living a happy and healthy life. 

There are 3 key points from the Mindset Reset that involves: 

  • being aware of your thoughts and self-talk 
  • checking on that negativity around you 
  • surrendering control 

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

1 – Be mindful of your thoughts

What’s going on with that mind of yours? What are your thoughts? And with self-talk, the words you’re using about yourself and others, are they negative or positive? Do you find that you react in a panic, in a stress mode, everything is an emergency, and set up a cascade of stressful, negative events in your body?

Or do you see that event, that obstacle or challenge and go, let’s step back and take a peek?

How can I handle this situation in a healthy, calm manner to get the best results for everybody? 

2 – Check Negativity at the Door

How much negativity are you consuming each day? 

What do I mean by that? 

Negativity is all around us. I know there’s negativity coming at you from all over the place. You may see it on television, you may see it on social media, and in conversations at your workplace and in your family. And if you get affected by negativity around you, this is very important to pay attention to. 

Take your journal out, do more exercises with me and start to pay attention. 

How much negativity are you surrounded by every day? 

How much negativity are you watching, hearing, or feeling in your environment? 

If you honestly know that you’re taking part in or immersed in situations with lots of negativity. In that case, I bet you know how crappy that feels at the end of the day. 

And why do you want to feel crappy? 

I do not know. 

You do not have to take part in it. You can stand back, set boundaries, and say, I am not available for that kind of negativity. 

Really! You should . . . 

  • shut off social media 
  • shut off the TV 
  • shut off those people
  • put down the phone
  • don’t answer the text

Instead, really spend time with activities and people and events that help you feel positive. 

This is why I’m here. I want to help you be more aware of what’s coming into your mind and body. 

Trust me, you can stop it with a healthy mindset, decisions, and choices that will ensure that you feel good and let them go over there and be negative.

3 – Self Reflection & Surrender Control

This is where you want to start to really look at what is that need to feel that you need to be in control of everything and everyone around you.

How much do you feel you need to control others and your circumstances?

When I hear from clients looking to control the outcome or the situation and do everything to take over, it’s because they feel they can do it better or know better. It usually comes because they want to ensure it turns out a certain way . . . their way.

What happens when you take on an enormous job of trying to control how everything works out and how everyone feels? 

Are they happy? 

Are they glad? 

Are they feeling fulfilled? 

That’s exhausting, and that’ll negatively affect your body and the rest of your life. 

Generally speaking, most people really don’t want you to control them. And then you’ll set up negativity around.

Then once again, the cycle continues. 

The idea here is to take charge of what’s coming into your mind. By truly reflecting on how the world around you and what’s going on within you are affecting your experiences in life. 

The need to control how people think of you and how they feel about a certain situation is not your job. 

That’s up to them. 

So free yourself from those anxious, negative icky feelings and surrender control. Let them be themselves. 

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Final Thoughts

If this excites you, resonates with you, or even pisses you off, I highly encourage you to take advantage of the free Seven Day Mindset Reset.

Just know that along the way, I’m right there. 

You can email me every day, and we can have a conversation to ensure that you’re getting significant changes from that email course. And I know that you, fully and wholeheartedly, can see significant changes as these little steps start to tweak your mindset, your behavior, and yourself. 

I’m hoping you found this helpful.

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