Feeling Stressed? Here’s your relaxation plan!

Feeling stressed? Here’s your relaxation plan!


Hi friend! 

The word “stress” has been thrown around so much more lately.

After speaking to many of you, I know you’ve been feeling the effects of the pandemic and/or some other major life event. 

So, I wanted to offer you some guidance to help you prevent the harmful effects on your body that come from experiencing “stress”. 

((If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they were stressed, I could take you all on a vacation to my favorite all-inclusive resort in Mexico!! YAY!  That would certainly relieve a lot of stress for me if I could get the heck out of my city for a while.)) 

Seriously, feeling stressed is no joking matter when it’s brought on by the DISTRESSFUL type of triggers: death, divorce, illness, abuse, financial worries, etc. 

The  EUSTRESSFUL type comes from events like having a baby, buying a house, starting a new job, exercising and even going on vacation or getting a raise.


Many of the examples I gave arise from stressors on the outside of you.


What about the internal stressors that you place on yourself? 


Yes, we all do this to a certain degree.



Fear the future

“Should” yourself

Mentally beat yourselves up

Speak to yourselves harshly

Compare yourself to others

Try to be perfect

Take on too many responsibilities


“OVER” do, eat, spend, exercise, work, worry, judge, fix

Use stress as a motivator

Use “being” stressed as any excuse


You get the gist.


Let me help you flip the switch on how you DO-BE-EXPERIENCE stress!


If you’ve been sitting at your desk staring at a screen for more than 90 minutes.


Or you’ve missed a meal, neglected to drink water or taken a break.


STOP, Stand up, shut off your “thinking” mind.


Your new cue is “Get out of your head and into your body!”


TUNE into your physical body.


ASSESS yourself and notice if you are experiencing any of these “self-neglect symptoms”: 


Holding your breath

Feeling pain or stiffness in some part of your body

Feel foggy or moody

Thirsty or hungry


Clenching your jaw

Sucking in your gut

Experiencing other “fight, flight or freeze” stress responses


RESPOND differently by giving your body what it needs to feel the OPPOSITE of those feelings.


Your “prescription” is to choose:

Deep breaths



Drinking water

Eat a balanced meal

Take a nap






Add in your favorite. 


Smile because you took the time to break your habit of being/doing/experiencing stress.


It really starts with just one baby step. 


STOP to get out of your head and into your body.


The key to making a significant change is to CUE yourself to repeat this “break in your pattern” and do over and over again until you feel better. 


I hope that helps xo


With your health and happiness in mind,




P.S. Not sure if you can do this on your own? Allow me to be your guide! Book a Discovery Session with me so I can hear how stress affects your mind and body, then I can offer a uniquely created plan to suit your specific needs. 



Schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session xo



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