Is your stress level set on HIGH?

Is your stress level set on HIGH?​


Are you feeling stressed?

I know that the pandemic and other big life stuff came up for you over the past few years so I would be surprised if you WEREN’T stressed!​

My husband, son and I just recently said that we FINALLY feel like we can fully exhale because we do not feel threatened anymore.

It’s as if it’s “safe” to come out of hiding now. Unfortunately, when I was a little girl, I used to hide in the closet so that my father couldn’t find me to beat me up. I remember those frightening moments of needing to hide for my safety,

(My heart goes out to you if you experienced trauma and abuse as a child xo.)​

Yes, my friend, I get triggered back into fear and anxiety too.


I am not exempt from having an emotional reaction to stuff just because I am a Life Coach.


I can bounce back faster after being triggered by something in my past due to the fact that I have survived such an abusive past. Plus, I have had lots of training in the management of trauma, abuse and stress. 

However,  when a SCARY thing is coming at me, much like the way my Dad used to, my stress levels can still go up.

The stressors over the past few years were unusual, unprecedented and very scary for us all.


COVID was frightening us day in and day out.


Many of you were sent home from work.

I think we all had to learn how to use Zoom.

People lost jobs.

Loved ones passed away.

We were all restricted in what we were allowed to do that felt normal and comfortable. 

We witnessed racial and political traumas.

Personally, my family was experiencing a ton of stress while my husband was slowly dying from kidney disease. Thankfully, his sister donated her kidney for a transplant and he’s healthy and thriving again!

My son was trying to cope with the loss of both of his grandmothers (and possibly his Dad), while switching to virtual school life without his social connections.


You bet my stress levels went right back up!!


Thankfully, my really awesome Life Coach pals continually checked in on me so I was able to lower my dial to a manageable level and continue to thrive and function in my roles.

So, I ask you, is your STRESS level STILL set on HIGH?

And an even more important question, can you tell when you are stressed? What does it feel like in your body? How do you act when you are stressed?

I know I had to have my Coach pals help me “see” when I was super stressed because I was so stuck in the muck that I couldn’t.

They could tell by the way I was speaking, showing up in the world and acting in my roles in life. They were my earth angels that kept me focused on the positives and the possibilities; instead of letting me spiral down into depression. 

Sometimes, we can be so stressed that we get used to being in that hypervigilant, fight-flight-freeze state because you are doing what you can each day to get by and survive.

(Those of you who did experience trauma and abuse as a child, you may still be be living in that state today without even knowing it ?)


I know that you know what stress does to your mind and body so I am letting you know I am here to help you get unstuck.

If you are stressed and feeling like you can’t get out of your own way to come back to a state of ease and peace in your life, check out my Ebook that I created:

I want you to be able to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life too.

Have a wonderful week being YOU,

Denise xo

P.S. Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, moodiness, difficulty concentrating, forgetting things, or have addictive or compulsive habits? Those are the signs of being stressed and I can help you with those issues.  Book a time to chat with me privately to learn how I can help you:

​Click on this link:



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