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Do you need a reboot or a renewal for your self-care routine now that the pandemic has passed?

Join me for my new group program to help you get back on track with your health, fitness and wellness routine! You will receive expert guidance, support, and  accountability in a safe, loving space while creating a solid self-care plan that will help you stay on track through any stressful period of life. 

You will confidently create your own “road map” filled with the essential health and wellness components that fit YOUR unique body and lifestyle. 

You will learn the simple and easy methods to creating habits that stick and you will know how to harness your internal motivation to easily put your health and wellness as a priority again!

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How does it work?

I’ll be your coach and guide to support you in the Facebook Group Program from May 31-July 8, 2002. You’ll learn the 10 Elements of Wellness to create your own self-care road map that suits your body’s needs and lifestyle. Learn how to set yourself up for success in creating long-lasting habits and always know how to tap into and use your motivation.  You’ll have full access to me in the group and a bunch of loving women getting back on track together!

Wondering if this is a good fit for you?

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Private Coaching Sessions

Optional one on one coaching sessions with Denise if you need extra support along the way. 

Reach out to Denise anytime before or during the group program to set up a time for this deep and personal coaching session.



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Live Video chats

Join me for Live weekly video chats in the group to have your specific questions answered, receive extra tips, resources and tools to boost your results! 

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You will receive workbooks and homework to help you stay accountable to yourself in achieving your goals.

Transformation doesn’t come just by learning information! Long-lasting changes in your mind and body come when you fully immerse yourself in the process of learning and experiencing moment by moment changes!

Hello, my friend.

I’m Dr. Denise Morrison, Transformational Health & Life Coach.

I help purpose driven women who are in a transition period in their life to let go of self-doubt and second-guessing so they can make confident decisions about their next steps.

I struggled for decades to overcome traumatic experiences from my own past.

I compensated for my lack of confidence with degrees and professional success.

I numbed my pain with addictive eating and self-abusive behaviors.

But when I finally turned to the right teachers and coaches,

I learned that change does not need to take decades. Change can actually be instantaneous. And change can be lasting.

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