Hands up if you feel like your mind is working against you?

Does it seem like your mind is barking commands at you all day?​

Is your mind filled with swirling negative thoughts and self-talk?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if it would just SHUT UP?

Trust me….me, myself and my mind have had our ups and downs and if I don’t catch “her” she can run wild when inadvertently triggered by something on Facebook, Instagram or the news.

Would you like some help in “catching” your mind so she starts to work for you, not against you?

Let’s do it!

Take out a piece of paper, open your journal or notes on your phone and “dump” out all of the thoughts in your head. The “to-dos”, the future worries, the memories from your past, etc.

List out all of the limiting beliefs, stories or excuses such as, “I am not good enough,”, “I suck at this/that,” or “I don’t have time,”, “I can’t _____,”.

You know the ones that keep playing over and over again but you are too afraid to pin down and really hear.

Pour out all of the emotions that are connected to your self-talk, beliefs, stories or excuses and name those feelings so you can really know what’s happening inside your body, your heart, your gut; or even in one of your body parts (“my bad back”, “that old knee of mine”).

How did that feel?

Are you surprised by any of them?

Which thoughts, self-talk, stories, or excuses are making you feel bad? Which ones are making you feel good?

Would you like to create new ones so that you can feel good MORE often?

Click on my Mini Guide below for tips on how to “catch” your mind and have her start working for you and become your friend:

Mini Guide

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