Where did my motivation go?

Help! I’ve lost my motivation!


Where did it go?


Why doesn’t it stay?


How do I get motivated?


I’ve heard this time after time since 1992,  when I first started my career in health care & coaching. 


If you’re nodding your head and thinking, “This is me!,” keep reading.


Allow me to help you answer those questions with a powerful resource so that you can discover the source of your motivation!


Where did it go?


Clients tell me that they’ve lost their motivation, so I curiously ask them, “Where did it go?”.


They will say, “I don’t know,” however,  that’s just a clue to me that somewhere deep inside, they really DO have a knowing.


The knowing is usually tucked away somewhere within and they haven’t become aware of it, YET.


My intention is to help them find where it first came from and how to hold onto it. 


Was it something within themselves that would spark them to think, feel, or BE motivated?


Or did someone or something outside of themselves cause it? 


For example, when I think about planning a trip to my favorite resort in Mexico, I usually picture the pool stretching out in front of me. I tap into the peaceful feelings of ease as I imagine myself sitting in the lounge chair in that gorgeous part of the world. 


As far as sticking to my fitness routine, I get motivated to exercise each day by my feelings.


I love how my muscles feel while I lift weights with Joel Freeman or how the sweat pours off my forehead when I dance with Shaun T (my Beachbody Super Trainers.) 


Those sensations motivate me to keep repeating those forms of exercise; because I love how my body feels:  tight, toned, lean and strong from sticking to my programs. 


Why doesn’t it stay? 


When my clients ask me the “Why” question, I help them dig a little deeper into their reasons for being motivated. 


When I hear “Why,” I know it’s time to start inquiring into what they feel is important in their lives. I ask them about their most important priorities in life. Eventually, I help them  reveal their most intimate values and beliefs. 


When you know what is most important and valuable to YOU, you sustain your motivation forever!


For example, from the work that I have done with my Mentors/Coaches, I have tapped into my core values. Mine are health, happiness, freedom, fun, honesty, integrity and trust. My values guide everyone of my decisions, beliefs about myself and all of my habits. 


Core values are as unique as your fingerprint.  When you discover them and hold them front and center in your mind, your life will evolve in the most authentic way ever!


I invite you to spend quiet time to journal about what you value, and if you get stuck or need my guidance, email me. 


How do I get motivated?


I love this question because it’s so fun to help clients figure out how they uniquely “get motivated!”


If you were sitting across from me, I would coach you in this way:


1. Can you remember a time when you were totally motivated?

2. Tap into a specific time.

3. As you go back to that time now, can you recall: 

  • Was it something that you saw or the way someone looked at you?

  • Did you hear something specific?

  • Were you touched by someone or something?            

4. As you slow down the memory of that time when you were totally motivated, recall the very first thing that caused you to experience “motivation?”

5. Did you picture something in your mind? 

  • Or were you saying something to yourself?

  • Were you experiencing certain feelings or emotions?

6. Can you capture the essence of how you created your state of motivation? 

If you’ve had trouble sticking to a plan of action, find yourself falling off track over and over again or losing motivation, give this exercise a go!  


And, I would be happy to help you through this exercise to be your expert witness to discovering where your motivation comes from and how to keep it, forever!


Email me denise@deniselynnmorrison.com


With your health and happiness in mind,


Denise xo 




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