Which fruits and veggies should I buy organic?

Which fruits and veggies should I buy organic?


If you’re like many of my clients, they are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there regarding what to choose and buy to get clean, organic foods. 

Many of them have said, “Who do I listen to? What site do I trust? And which information do I believe?”

My role as their Coach/Guide/Trusted Advisor is to help them out of that state of anxiety and stress into a place of ease and peace when making changes in their lifestyle habits.

Allow me to help you to make your life easier too with this quick reference grocery list. Y

Use this guide to help you make the best choices for your unique dietary needs and preferences, as well as your budget. So, which fruits and veggies should I buy organic? 


Grocery List for the Highest Quality Foods


I tell my clients that they can either choose to pay now and get the highest quality foods.

Or, you’re going to have to pay later in life, at the pharmacy or doctor’s office when your body is rebelling against the less quality food you tried to digest.

Wouldn’t it feel better, in the long run, to fuel your body with the foods that nourish and prevent disease?


My intention is to help my clients create new habits

with a feeling of ease.


Make habit change easy, simple, and stress-free! You are more likely to see success and make your new habits stick when you approach it with a feeling of calm.

Remind yourself of why you wish to make these changes in your eating behaviors and use that very important reason to navigate the beginning stages of habit change. 

Take me for example, I switched to a cleaner, organic way of eating because of the skin reactions that I was having from eating the typical American foods when I moved back to the USA. My body could no longer handle eating bread, cereals, most dairy products, and meat from a regular grocery store because I had lived overseas where these harmful chemicals are not allowed in their foods.  

Also, do not be alarmed if you are seeing this type of nutritional guidance for the first time. Many of my clients get anxious and depressed at first when they see what’s in their typical foods.  It’s not uncommon to discover how many hard-to-pronounce ingredients and crazy chemicals are in what we eat. Check out this super helpful site to guide you to find the codes for organic produce.

I always coach them to focus on making only a small change each day, take baby steps. It helps to remind them to slowly and lovingly clean out their pantry and wean themselves off of those addictive chemical-laden foods. Then, we create a new, nutritious grocery list based on the one you see above. 

Most importantly, my clients learn to keep coming back to the reason why they want to shop differently. It helps them stay the course when temptations arise otherwise it can be too easy to fall back into old habits. 


Fruits and veggies you should buy


One simple way to embark on your shopping trip is to keep this simple rule in mind: find labels with the fewest ingredients. 

I have also included some information in my handout about the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen.”  I find that my clients get “sticker shock” when they first see the prices of organic foods.

This information comes from the Environmental Working Group, and they basically make a list of what are the twelve fruits and vegetables that are the highest in pesticides that you want to avoid, and what are the fifteen that are the lowest.

When you shop, know that it’s safe to buy those “Clean Fifteen” and you don’t have to buy the organic version.  However, for the “Dirty Dozen,” it would be best to do so. 

I hope that this information and guidance will help you make a choice of how to best spend your money at the grocery store and to do so in line with what’s important for your health and vitality. 


With your health and happiness in mind, 

Denise xo

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