Why do I keep repeating the same unhealthy habits?


First, I want you to know that this is a safe “no judgment space” where my intention is to lovingly nudge you out of your comfort zone. 

Second, when I ask you the question, “why” it’s out of pure curiosity to help you dig deeper into what you are experiencing at your very core.

I am here to offer you the freedom, safety and space to tap into what’s really happening inside of you.

So, why is it that you are repeatedly falling off track and choosing the same unhealthy habits that keep you stuck?

Would you like some help with that?


Do you really, really want to change?


If you don’t, that’s okay, that is your choice.  Know that NOT making a choice is empowering as well. 

If you truly are a “YES” to wanting to know how to create change in your life, I invite you to become aware if you have a strong need or desire to change? 

What’s your inside motivation to make a change?

What is your “why” or a reason(s) to make a change?

Listen, sense, and feel deeply for your unique reason(s).

Those insights are very valuable in helping you fuel your desires/needs so please savor them and hold them as priceless gifts.

This might be the reason you haven’t made any significant behavior changes yet. 


I hear from many clients that they resist making changes because they tell themselves theses stories about how HARD it is.

You may be afraid to change because it’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

However, if you have this mindset, you are really discouraging yourself. 

You’re thinking your way to the feeling place of “hard’ which causes those stuck and uncomfortable feelings.

And when that happens, your lizard brain and monkey mind start sending emergency signals that alert your fight-flight-freeze responses:

Change = fear = different = unsafe = not belonging = too dangerous!!

Let me help you turn off the danger signals


I want you to know that making change doesn’t have to be scary, hard or impossible.  

However, if you’ve being living in the state of striving or stressing about making changes and falling off track, your body and mind will remain in emergency mode. 

And when you’re experiencing stress, your precious brain will find it challenging to focus on what you want. 

So, without laser focus, you will struggle with making calm, easy choices to create your new and healthy habits.

This isn’t to discourage you; but it’s to help you see the importance of getting into that mindset.

Once you can calm your mind, body and soul, you will more easily create new thoughts, choices and actions to make a change.

Will you allow yourself the time, space and loving honesty to tap into your desire to change.

Let’s do some brainstorming about what you want to change.


In what areas of your life do you desire change/new habits?

This can be about any aspect in your life: health, fitness, career, relationships, self-care and spirituality/connection to something greater.

Take a self-assessment and feel into which ones are really causing you harm, zapping your energy and making you feel bad.

Let’s first focus on the “unhealthy” habits you currently have that aren’t serving you. 

Take out a journal or notes on your phone and jot down your thoughts.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

1) What is something you do that you no longer want to be doing?

2) What are your thoughts, self-talk, and feelings that come up when you answered question 1? 

3) What is it costing you to keep repeating these unhealthy habits?

4) How will your life change for the better if you let them go?

Excellent job.

Thanks for answering those questions.

You can choose to get rid of the negative habits in your life for good!


Once you’re in that mindset of wanting to change your behavior and begin following healthier habits, you will find that it’s much easier than it’s ever been. 

Your new, healthy habits will then become a part of your life.

You can choose to get rid of the negative habits in your life for good!

Keep  brainstorming and reflecting so you can continue on this path to healthier habits.

1) What are some new habits that could take the place of the old one?

2) If your habits change, what else in your life would change?

3) How would you life look and feel if you started living this new way? 

Wonderful!! Thank yourself for taking the time to really tap into what you want.

Use your responses to the questions to help you to stay motivated and on track.

And, I am here to help you stay on track too!

Let’s chat so that I can guide you more deeply. 

Click my link to find a time: https://deniselynnmorrison.com/schedule/


​​Looking forward to speaking to you,

Denise xo

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