My Intuitively Unique Coaching Method


Hello friend! Welcome back!

I’ve been getting questions about what I do as a Transformational Coach so I’m going to share my 3- part method that I use with my one-on-one coaching clients.

My aim is to give you a snapshot of the 3 Keys to my method which developed from a need to serve the ladies who are struggling with low self-esteem, stress, troubling emotions and an overall lack of confidence in themselves.

Many of them came to me with these common concerns and obstacles; which inspired me to create this method, as you will read about in my next 3 blogs.

The 3 Key areas of their lives that are impacted or affecting their true self-worth, happiness, health and overall well-being are:

  1. Behaviors – which are things like your diet, exercise and sleep
  2. Beliefs – which are things like your mindset and self-talk
  3. Being – which is who you identify yourself to be on a deep and even subconscious level


This blog gives you some highlights from Key 2: Beliefs


Beliefs refer to the thoughts and self-talk that go on inside your head every day.

They might be in your conscious awareness or might be so subtle that you aren’t aware they are going on.

You know this is an area you need to work on if you’ve been experiencing:

  • Negative and self-sabotaging thoughts, self-talk or stories
  • Being emotionally triggered by the same person or similar situation—even though you don’t know why
  • Feeling stuck in a job or relationship you hate
  • Doing meditation and affirmations and all the things that are supposed to improve your mindset, but you are still stuck with things like anxiety or stress or a lack of self-confidence


I’ll give you an example of a woman I was working within this area.


Karen was 49 years old and unhappy. She disliked her body size and shape, and tried to hide it with bigger clothes. During the past few years, she gave up on going out to meet new people. Her life became one that she dreaded because she woke up every morning feeling depressed and anxious during the night.

She had grown up with a parent who had been evil and demeaning and telling her she was ‘stupid.’

Karen found herself taking jobs just to pay the bills, but never anything fulfilling and always with low pay.

She came to me for Coaching because she wanted to end her life and I was her last hope.


Beliefs can affect you in all aspects of your life!


She was an example of how our brains can be programmed by our upbringing or by society to make us believe we should be a certain way that just isn’t true. It’s so sad and this happens all the time!

We worked on releasing all of those limiting beliefs from the past so that she could move forward with more confidence to be who she really wanted to be.

I’m telling you—this work is so powerful that this woman quit her meaningless jobs and started her own business, changed her appearance and began dating again!!

I have a journaling exercise that I recommend that helps to unpack beliefs you hold about your body.

It’s called rewriting your body story.

The basic steps are simple. I’ll go through them briefly here, but you don’t have to take notes.

I have this entire process written out step by step in a free journal you can download here: https://deniselynnmorrison.com/final-rewrite-your-body-story/

Here is the basic process:

  1. Be honest about the stories you are telling yourself about your body. I hear women tell themselves that they are fat or ugly or will never be fit.
  2. Connect those beliefs with behaviors. What habits have you formed because of those beliefs?
  3. Look deeper to what purpose those habits or beliefs have served for you. I knew a woman who would eat an entire package of Oreos because she wanted to feel loved.
  4. Finally, come up with a new behavior that can replace the damaging one and a new belief that can replace the old one.


The takeaway for you


The thing I want you to know about beliefs is that they can be subtle and hidden under the surface. However, they can be affecting EVERYTHING you do and EVERY interaction that you have.

When you unpack these beliefs and release the ones that are not serving you, you experience a freedom like you have never known before.

It can actually be so profound that it affects the very identity of who you are, which brings us to the 3rd and final key to overcoming any obstacle in your life.

Stay tuned for my next blog!


Denise xo

In the meantime, if you need my guidance and expertise in assessing your daily habits, click the link for a 30 Min. Discovery Session with me: https://deniselynnmorrison.com/schedule/

Jump on the phone or Zoom with me so I can hear you speaking, because that will help me get a sense of what you are thinking and doing that may be affecting your results.


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