Are you giving up your power and letting someone else create your life?

Are you in the driver’s seat of your life?


Or are you:

Letting someone/something influence your life choices?

Riding in the back seat as a passenger or sitting behind the wheel as the driver of your “life”?

Could it be that you may be “blaming” something outside of you for not getting what you want in life?

Or perhaps you’re living in “victim mode” because you are letting your job, kids, spouse, social media, the news or genetics stop you from taking the “driver’s seat’ of your life.

Allow me to explain this metaphor: You’re either taking charge of your life and creating your days by making empowered choices OR you’re reacting to what’s happening around you and possibly being triggered into the past or future. In my Coach lingo we refer to this as living your life “at cause” or living your life “at effect.” 

Wouldn’t it feel so much better if you said “YES” to yourself and “NO” to letting others take control of your life’s path?

Living your life as the driver


Are you ready to start?

Here are some questions to prompt you:

Could you tap into the ways that you are living the experience of YOU?

Do you believe in yourself that you can be, do or have whatever it is that you desire?

Are the thoughts that you are thinking focused on what you want?

Can you make decisions easily and effortlessly?

Would you speak to yourself in ways that support you instead of sabotage you?

Do you feel confident in yourself to make the choices that lead you to take the actions needed to get what you want?

Are you creating realistic goals that are attainable for your life situation?

Have you figured out the very last step to know what it looks like when you get what you want? How you will feel? What you will be saying to yourself? Who will be there?

THIS is how you take back the wheel and drive YOUR bus to where you want to go in life!

Need an example? 


Here’s how my client Kathy set goals based on her own decisions and choices. She loved the newly found freedom of being in the driver’s seat of her life at 53 years old!

The first thing she did in our session was to list all of the things she wants to accomplish in her life. Second, she made sure that her daily “non-negotiables” were scheduled, like self-care time, workouts, and meal planning/prep.

Together we created her specific intentions to help her stay focused on HER plan each day.

● Committed to a daily morning/evening routine of self-checking to assess her energy levels, mood and overall feelings about herself

● Planned balanced, healthy, portion-controlled meals for 90% of her food intake

● Scheduled 30 minutes a day of quality, programmed workouts

● Set up a sleep routine to wind down and get  7-8 hours a night

● Made sure she drank 10 glasses of water a day

● Carved out time each day to use her Calm App to slow down and be still

● Regularly referred to her ROAD MAP for the way that she wanted to drive her life!


Yes you can use rewards!


Of course, you can reward yourself to make this a fun, enjoyable process! As I always tell my clients, take baby steps and let go of the “hard” so you can easily and effortlessly create a new YOU.

To make it fun, you can motivate yourself with rewards along the way; for example, you can gift yourself a new workout outfit, get a massage, take a day trip, or buy yourself a new activity tracker.

My “press the easy button” approach works well! It helps you build confidence and control in creating a fun new “experience of you”. You will see, feel and sense a direct result from what you do, instead of letting someone/something else “take over” your life and what happens to you!​

The more YOU take intentional, empowered action, the better you will feel because it becomes another empowering habit to staying in the “driver’s seat” of your life.

Feel free to you use my “formula” above to create a plan for yourself.

Can you see and feel the potentially unlimited possibilities when you’re being in charge of your mindset, decisions and choices towards achieving your goals?


Ready to take your life to the next level with my guidance and accountability- click here for a 30 Min. Discovery Session with me:

​I wish you exponential success in taking over the wheel and being in the driver’s seat of your transformational journey!!


Denise xo

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