Are you in tune with your intution?

Are you in TUNE with your INTUITION?


We have so much access to information these days and it all gets a bit too much for us doesn’t it?

With our instant question and response society, we can get any answers that we desire in a second!

You can:

Google your symptoms and find “some” answers.

Search YouTube for any “How-To” to fix a problem.

Follow social media “experts” to gain more information in hopes that “they” have your answers.


Back in my day…


If you’re as old as me, you would have gone to the library or buy a set of encyclopedias to find your answers!

Perhaps, you  “doctor hopped” to get lots of appointments to have them tell you the answers to your problems.

You would ask your parents and they would share old wives’ tales or similar tidbits to help you fix yourself. 

Or, you had a parent like mine and you would have definitely gotten some made-up crazy, incorrect information!


The age of instant fixes!


We are totally in an age of information overload!

Sadly, I see how my clients, family and friends get further from their OWN intuitive answers when they search far and wide.

And as I know to be TRUE, information does NOT equal transformation!

Gathering advice does not instantly create habit or mindset changes! 


So what do you do?


I know this sounds daunting because I was LOST in the information trap for most of my life:

Asking my Dad for help with my personal, female matters because my Mom was too scared to speak about such things. 

Doctor shopping for the answer to “what is wrong with me?”

Following this fad, that trend or whatever self-help books that could tell me how to “FIX” myself.

Ugh, I spent so much time, energy and huge amounts of money going around in circles, over 3 countries, to NOT get any solid answers!


When I hit rock bottom…. the “teacher” showed up and helped me turn my life around!


I was ready to tackle the lessons and do what needed to be done to STOP my insanity and emotional/binge eating cycles!

My Coach helped me see that it was OKAY to listen to myself.

She gave me permission to turn inwards to pay attention to MY intuition and how MY body responded to people, places, food, exercise, medicines, etc.

You may be shaking your head saying “DUH” Denise!

But, I wasn’t ready to hear it back then. Then when I hit rock bottom, I had no choice but to get CLEAR on what I intuitively needed!!


You are truly your best resource.


I invite YOU to find your inner voice, your wisdom, gut instinct or your intuition and give her permission to speak.

You are living in your body and mind.  NO ONE outside of you can feel the emotions that you feel. No one can hear what you are saying to yourself.  And, NO ONE knows how to be YOU better than YOU!

It may be scary and unfamiliar at first to TRUST, then listen to that wise woman inside of you.  Yet,  the more you give “her” a chance, the more “she” will speak and the better your relationship will be!!

Get ready for amazing insights into yourself. You may find that you will never want someone to tell you what to do again.

The days of needing to listen to other’s give you advice or tell you that THEY know better will be OVER!

I leave you with the invitation:


What is your beautiful inner voice saying to YOU?


If you need help getting clear on your inner guidance and intuition, click the link for a 30 Min. Discovery Session with me:

​​Looking forward to speaking to you,

Denise xo

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