Are you a perfectionist?


Do you put LOTS of pressure on yourself to BE perfect when you eat, exercise, work, or LIVE your life?

Or do you have a habit of criticizing yourself for the slightest sign of defeat or failure?

Maybe you find that you discredit all of the good things that you HAVE accomplished, or you continue to fear that you just aren’t achieving your goals?

Perhaps you don’t believe you are good enough or you just feel inadequate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may be suffering from the disillusionment of perfection.

For some reason, along the time-line of our lives, we learned to put up rigid and strict guidelines for ourselves!!

NO WONDER that we stress eat, binge watch Netflix, and give up on our goals so fast because our expectations are unreasonable!!

There’s barely room to breathe, digest, sleep, and live as the gentle, loving, and unique being that you are meant to be.

Wouldn’t you’d rather EXPERIENCE joy, peace and ease when you eat…exercise…work…live…etc?

I sure would LOVE for you to achieve that state of thinking, being, and doing?

Could you check in with yourself each day to notice if YOU have tendency to PUSH yourself to BE PERFECT.

Where in your life does this thinking/habit show up??

In your career/job?

At home with your family?

When you are by yourself?

Deciding on a meal plan or workout program?

In your relationships?

As a Master of Transformational Habit Change, I know from coaching,  that how you behave in one aspect of your life affects ALL areas of your life…. WHICH is why it is SOOOO hard to stop sabotaging yourself!!!


Would you be willing to kindly and lovingly CHECK IN with yourself to gauge HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHY you have to be PERFECT?

If you get stuck, feel uncomfortable or just want to yell at me for saying these things, I encourage you to hop on call with me so we can discover the underlying behavior that is affecting ALL of your habits in ALL aspects of your life.


Schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session if you haven’t already done so.



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