Do you have a loving relationship with your body?

What does it mean to have a “relationship” to your body?


“Relating to” something means you are telling a story about it (to yourself or others) and establishing a connection with it.

When it comes to the relationship with your body, with food, or with health in general…What story are you telling?

Stories are so powerful that they can empower your metabolism or diminish it.

When it comes to your body and food, the stories you tell are more impactful on your health than ANYTHING else…. including what you eat, drink or your lifestyle habits.

Do you find yourself telling negative, disempowering stories to yourself and others?

Some examples from my clients:

“I’m fat.”

“ I am ugly”

“I hate my thighs”

“I am big boned”

“It will never happen for me”

“I need to lose weight in order to be happy”

“I hate my and won’t go out of the house”

“Only skinny people are happy”

“Everyone else can do it but not me”

“If I looked a certain way, then I’d find a man/woman/friends”

If these are the stories you’re telling yourself when you’re relating to your body, which happens multiple times a day, every day, year after year…..then the connection you’re establishing with your body is one that is filled with negativity, guilt, shame, frustration, anger, and sometimes even disgust.


And then there’s the stories we tell ourselves about FOOD.


“Food is my enemy.”

“There are bad foods and there are good foods; I should never eat bad foods and always eat good foods, otherwise I am bad and a fraud.”

“If I’m perfect with my diet, then I’ll lose weight and be happy.”

“Fat is bad for you.”

“If something tastes good, it’s probably bad for you.”

“Every bite of food is making me fat.”

If these are the stories you’re telling yourself every time you eat, which happens multiple times a day, every day, then the connection you’re establishing with your body is a scolding one of “should”, “shouldn’t”, “bad girl!” or “bad boy!”, anger at self, and judgement of self.


Are these stories turning ON the stress response, or turning OFF the stress response?


As you have learned, those stories ARE filled with those negatively charged emotions which then leads to negative reactions and feelings in the body which is STRESSFUL to the body!!

And when the body senses it is under STRESS…it holds onto that extra tummy flab!!

Are you speaking like this to yourself, “When it comes to food, I feel like I’m at war with myself.”

Basically, you are telling a story about food that is attacking the body, triggering the stress response, and putting the body on the defense, then you will be quite literally at war with herself.


If you want to stop being at war with food or your body, it follows that you’ll need to change your STORY about food or about your body.


I invite you to take time out to do these Action Steps:

1. Grab a sheet of paper and make two columns.

2. Free write in your journal, all of the stories that you are telling yourself about your body and food on the left side of the paper

3. Consciously choose to speak loving, empowering and nurturing stories about your body and food on the right side of the paper


Ready to create your new body story with my guidance? Click my link for a 30 Min. Discovery Session with me:

I am here to help,​​

Denise xo

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