Are you in touch with your feelings and emotions?










And so on.

Feelings, emotions, sensations, we all have them, but are you allowing yourself to FEEL them?


Discover why you are using food to numb out or cope with intense feelings


Many clients come to me for Coaching because they have developed habits of reaching for something to “fill the void” or distract themselves if an intense emotion starts bubbling up.

They also eat when they are stressed, bored, happy or sad, excited or anxious, glad or mad.

Inevitably, they have gotten out of touch with their hunger cues and the real need for food as fuel, not just a coping mechanism.

Unfortunately, they have gained too much weight and their don’t fit into their clothes like they used to.  Nevertheless,  their self-esteem and confidence has plummeted.

And as their Coach, I help them to discover the true reasons why they have used edible indulgences to suppress, repress or deny their intense emotions.


How in the world did we get into this habitual cycle of reaching for FOOD when we start to FEEL an emotion?


Why did we choose to put food into our mouths instead of allowing ourselves have a good cry, scream, or even throw an adult tantrum?

I know why I did.

I was taught by my father that my feelings were wrong; therefore, my voice and opinions meant nothing.

He also modeled for me that expressing my deepest emotions, wants or needs was pathetic and weak.

And at that time I didn’t realize it but HE was doing the same to himself and I watched HIM shovel food as fast as he could into his face in a hypnotized-like state!

As kids, we absorb ALL of our parents words, attitudes and behaviors and then one day…BOOM, we are experiencing our own issues, addictive behaviors or abnormal coping strategies.

If we aren’t lovingly allowing ourselves to FEEL our emotions, we continue to tuck them away.

We continue to binge on food and set ourselves up for BIGGER issues which WILL affect our health and happiness.


Give yourself  PERMISSION to FEEL your feelings, emotions, your desires, your wants and needs.


What if next time that you are about to reach for food, you get curious and ask yourself, “What is it that I am feeling at this moment?”

“Am I truly hungry or am I ____________?”

Then; whatever your answer may be, allow yourself to listen to what YOUR body and mind, heart and soul NEED in that moment.

And do this exercise without the judgmental voice and negative self-talk that you would normally use.

Pretend you’re speaking to your best friend or a child.

Maybe it’s a good cry?

Do you need to rest?

Is there something you need to take care of?

Perhaps you need to set boundaries and protect your time, energy and resources?


I invite you to find a quiet stillness to get to know yourself, to love yourself to truly listen in and trust your body’s wisdom.

I am here to help and if you are struggling with emotional eating or other addictive behaviors to avoid your feelings and emotions:


Schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session if you haven’t already done so.



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