Have you ever tried to make a change, but it seems impossible? Do you get tired of feeling bad about yourself because you can’t seem to make the changes you want?  

Are you ready to create a new story?

The stories we tell ourselves

You most likely have some limiting beliefs or stories you are telling yourself. 

Here are a few of the common limiting beliefs that women often experience:

  • Feeling selfish spending time or money on yourself
  • Worrying, overthinking, or staying stuck in the present moment
  • Living too far in the future or the past, so much that you can’t take any steps forward
  • Sabotaging your success because you are afraid to get what you want
  • Ignore your own needs and put everyone else first

Change can be challenging.  And it’s easy to give up instead of moving towards your goals. 

I am here to tell you that it’s possible to overcome these self-limiting stories and change your habits so you feel comfortable in your skin and love seeing yourself in the mirror. You deserve to feel empowered and open to incredible opportunities. 

Change the way you speak to yourself

I was stuck for years in self-limiting beliefs.  I numbed myself out with food. I over exercised.  I unintentionally sought out terrible relationships. I was constantly sick and run down.  

Finally, I had a coach that said, “You need to change the way you speak to yourself and the stories you’re saying about your mind and body.”

That one statement changed my path and direction forever. 

I learned how to rewrite my body story.  I boosted my confidence, self-trust, and self-love.  Now, I feel empowered every day to be who I am. 

You can do that, too, with the free Rewrite Your Body Story Transformational Journal

Create a new story for yourself

You can create a new story for yourself.  These stories are the way you’ve been relating to yourself and others in the world around you. It’s how you’ve made sense of your place and space in this world.  The stories are so powerful they can empower your metabolism or diminish it.  

The stories you tell yourself about your body, life, habits, and food are so impactful they can be either detrimental or empowering.  If you tell yourself, “I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m too old. I’m not good enough. I don’t have what it takes. Only skinny people are happy. It’ll never happen for me.” you are diminishing your precious being. 

Those negative statements and stories keep you feeling sad, fearful, ashamed, and limited.  I help my clients release the stress they unknowingly put on themselves so they can thrive and love their lives. It is possible. 

Rewrite your Body Story

It’s possible that those stories and statements served a purpose in the past, but they don’t anymore. 

The first step to changing the story is pondering and journaling these questions:

  1. What if I get the body I want and get into shape but then mess it up?
  2. What happens if I’m fit and healthy but don’t like all the attention?
  3. What if I get the body I want and feel empowered, but my friends or partner leaves?

You may be stimulated or triggered while you are journaling, but that’s where a transformational coach can help.  I will hold space for you with love, care, compassion, and curiosity to help you figure out what is stopping you and getting in your way. It may be your mind, body, stories, or self-talk. A transformational coach can help you unravel that. 

Start by working through the Rewrite Your Body Story Transformational Journal. If you get stuck, let’s talk. I’m here to support and nurture you. I want you to succeed. 

You can feel better. You can move forward and feel good in your mind and body. 

Schedule your free consultation today. 

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