How To Create Long-Lasting Healthy Habits

How do you really create long-lasting healthy habits?

Hello there ?
Did you know that as many as 45% of the things you do each day are done out of HABIT – without you even giving much thought to it!?
That means you are acting out of an automatic pattern (habit) without even knowing it consciously.
Whoa! Isn’t that cool?
Your brain and body are so amazing that they can just run on autopilot, saving your brain power for something more important to focus on in that moment.
However, it’s not amazing when you are repeating a habit that’s causing you harm, shame, guilt or any other effects that are unhealthy.
Trust me, I used to run on 80% autopilot for many years as a binge eater.
Putting food in my mouth the moment a feeling would bubble up from my body. (Shut up inner voice!)
Overexercising to abuse myself. (You aren’t good enough Denise!)
Feeling bloated and fat I instead of feeling unloved.
I look back now and ask myself, “Was I even awake and truly aware of what I was doing to my life during those heavy, depressing times?”


I am here to help YOU create long-lasting healthy habits in less time than it took me!

One thing that my Coach empowered me to do was to truly tap into my desire to change.
She helped me focus on me and only me, despite how hard it was to take that good honest look at myself.
She helped me check in and make sure that I was truly ready and committed to make the changes I needed to make. Plus, she said she would FIRE me as a client if I wasn’t 100% committed to our journey together!! (Say WHAT??)
She told me that’s what it takes to overcome all of the unconscious habits that were sabotaging my life.
Talk about a badass!!
Your DESIRE to change is going to power you through making healthier habits in your life.
I know this to be true!
Your deepest reasons WHY you want to make those changes will keep you safely seated during the roller coaster ride of emotions you will feel as you let go of the old.

What if I am scared to change?


Oh,  I was totally scared to face what I did not want to acknowledge about myself.

Horrified to unpack all of those overeating and overexercising behaviors. My health was suffering so I knew that I had to feel the fears to get over my issues.

The unknown can be so frightening. I stayed stuck in my comfy pattern of feeling bad about myself for close to 30 years!

Plus, the brain is sooo amazing that you can convince yourself that it’s much safer to not mess with making big changes! Logically rationalizing, “It’s just too hard.”

Worse yet, “I may fail,” “I may get hurt,” …..”I may get what I want!”

How scary is that? But how EXCITING??

Seriously, when you continue with that mindset, you are really discouraging yourself from the start.

I find that many of my clients were in the same situation and realized that was the reason they never made any significant behavior changes.


You truly have what it takes to change.


I want you to know that these changes don’t have to be complicated.

They are not impossible, and it all starts with the right steps, support and accountability.

Once you’re in that mindset of wanting to change your behavior and begin feeling the results from your daily commitment, your motivation will increase!

You will want more and more of those good feelings that come from success!!

However, if you’re not in the right mindset, you’ll find it challenging to focus. You will struggle with the work that it takes to create new and healthy habits.

I do not want to discourage you, but I am here to help you see the importance of getting into the right mindset.

You need to find your deepest reasons why you want to change. Know that you CAN let go of your fears, excuses and stories that are keeping you stuck.

With the right system, support and guidance, you truly CAN create a whole new way of being YOU!

If you are 100% ready and motivated to committing to making long-lasting changes in your health, fitness, career, relationships or self-worth,

Schedule your Free Call with me to learn more.

With your health and happiness in mind,

Denise xo

P.S. If you are not quite there yet, check out my Free Ebook for



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