How to live a more stress-free life


Are you tired of “working on yourself”?

Fed up with starting another diet or workout program to shed those extra pounds?

My friend, when will you finally be done trying to fix yourself?

I am inviting you to stop working so hard on yourself.


Here’s how to live a more stress-free life


You’re allowed to let go of the struggles and all that pushing within yourself. It only creates resistance and feelings of failure.

You can learn how to let go of what’s not working for you, in order to create a new way of thinking, being, and doing things.

Also, I hear this a lot from my clients; this theme of continuous working, striving and struggling to reach some magical place within.

My typical answer is to say, “What if you’re already magical?”

Could you believe that there’s nothing “wrong” with you and you’re not broken?

Trust me, there are so many of you that have been raised to believe that struggling and feeling that is supposed to be hard.

I say, let’s flip that script and learn and learn how to live stress-free and make each day easier.


“You are more than enough.”


But, you may be saying, “Why it’s so hard for me to change _______ (insert your struggles)?”

Perhaps, my friend, you were never shown how to tap into your magical potential and feel your power.

I know this struggle of constantly working on myself because I am a former people-pleaser, overdoer, and perfectionist,

Apparently, I had “Achiever’s Disease”; always looking for the next training, program, diet, and book to help me fix myself.

Are you nodding your head in agreement? I feel you and I get you.


The wonderful thing is that you CAN overcome this struggle.


Let me help you to stop repeating habits that keep you stuck, and let go of that constant pushing within yourself.

Typically, when working with a client, she comes to a point in her journey with me when she realizes she’s BECOME a struggler.

It’s become her way of being, of thinking, feeling, and acting in her life.

She has perfected the mindset, self-talk, and behaviors of a woman who struggles.

You may be thinking, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize that “struggling” may have become my life, my identity, and my personality too!”


The next question I usually get asked is, “How did this happen?”


To make a long, long story short, there can be a few key reasons:

  1. Parents/caregivers/peers modeled this way of being for you
  2. Grandparents/elders/caregivers influenced your parents
  3. Teachers helped shape your mindset and behaviors
  4. You absorbed these tendencies from society, your partners, or your workplace.


Are you starting to have some insights or intense feelings right about now?

That’s excellent! You are becoming awake and aware of what makes you, YOU, so to speak.

The extraordinary part of this realization is that you can NOW make changes in the way that you’re being in the world.

You can learn how to let go of what’s not working for you in order to create a new way of thinking, being, and doing!


The magic of the Transformational Coaching Experience


It’s my honor and pleasure to get to witness the transformative process as you come to see and feel the freedom from the struggles.

As your tears flow and years of pent-up emotions are released, I can see your face and body relax to produce a rosy, healthy color shift.

This amazingly beautiful process of watching the internal ripple of transformation is priceless.

On the other side of letting go of the struggle, you will experience softness, ease, peace, joy, and feelings of freedom!!

It’s as if you’re re-born anew during our sessions and you have a new excitement for life.

Now, I am going to warn you, that a part of your being will start to get scared as you’re releasing the struggles. This deeper part of you has been living like this for so long and,  it has become your safety net, your default and (un)comfortable setting.

I use Transformational Coaching techniques to help your mind and body feel more at ease.


“We create new self-talk, beliefs and habits that help you feel at ease. 


I help you to reinforce all of your new skills with more empowering habits; so that your mind-body-soul will be aligned.

Once you’re in that calmer, more relaxed place in your being, you feel good about letting the struggles go.

Would an experience like this be useful to you?

Are you ready to feel ease, peace, joy, happiness, and more excellent health?

I am here to help.

Denise xo

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