How to stay consistent when the world shuts down


Has the last year upset your whole life and routines too?

Are you struggling to stay consistent with your healthy habits when challenges come up and knock you off track?

Allow me to offer these simple steps to cue YOU to create your own daily checklist to help you stay true to what’s important to YOU.

I’ve been coaching busy women (and some men), just like you, over the past 10 years and I was hearing the same worries time and again.

During the pandemic, your worries and stress levels went off the charts because you were all forced out of your normal routines and comfort zones!

(This was totally me too!  I really relied on my own Life Coach and tribe of women to support me!)

You had to create a sense of normal; while managing a whole new way of being in the world. Of course, you had to continue doing all of the  necessary chores that us adults have to do, even when you didn’t feel like it.

We were ALL in the state of fight-flight-freeze to some degree and it definitely impacted our mental/emotional/physical health.

Many of you even had to endure tragedy and death which are the most impactful stressors on your well-being (my condolences).

One of the things that my clients loved coming up with was a “Consistency Checklist”

Consciously setting aside time to express what they wanted and needed was an empowering step. One of my clients was finally able to see that she was always skipping meals and not getting enough downtime. 

It was like witnessing a little kid on their birthday because I allowed them to ask for what they wanted. I gave them permission to put their self-care and MIPs (Most Important Priorities) on TOP of their To-Do lists

Some would post their list on their computer screens. Lots of them created Vision Boards out of this activity.  Placing it somewhere that was visible to them each day ensure that they stayed focused on what they valued most in life.

Having their own “self-care” reminders helped them to feel more focused and in control of their thoughts.

Seeing my clients act in alignment with what they really wanted to do with their time was transformative. 

They referenced their lists when planning their days because it help always keeping in mind their most important priorities in life.​

And it also helped them to ease the outside pressures from the world, and say “NO” to those people or invitations that took them away from their list.

I invite YOU to spend quiet, quality time to be still and figure out what you truly need and want in your life.

List all of your Most Important Priorities on a poster board, vision board or somewhere that calls your attention to what you want to create each day.

Know that you are allowed to feel ease, peace and happiness xo

Enjoy the process!! I do this every 3 months to ensure that I am staying on track too.

Denise xo

P.S. I also put together these helpful Ebooks to learn how to create more consistency in your life!

Click the links to check out the ones that would be most beneficial for you:




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