Learn to Trust, Honor and Value Your Emotions


Can you trust your emotions when they bubble up?

Do you have a great relationship with yourself where you honor and trust those key energy packets of information?

Did you know that you were born with an extraordinary, powerful and innate skill to be able to feel and express yourself??!!

You have an emotional guidance system built inside of you to help YOU navigate this life and let you know if something feels right or wrong within you.

And that guidance system is your greatest tool, friend and partner in identifying your feelings and emotions.

Give it a go right now.

Think, recall or speak something that evokes your feelings of sadness, fear, stress or anxiety.

Did you feel what happened inside of you?

Was your heart racing or did you hold your breath?

Or maybe you felt your whole body contract or your gut seize up in a knot?


Excellent! If you were able to do that exercise easily, you are tapped in!!


Oh no! That wasn’t so easy Denise. What’s wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you my friend.

However, if you had difficulty and you felt yourself freeze up, or say, “I don’t know,” there may be something inside of you trying to keep from feeling your sensations or deeper emotions.

You may have lost those intuitive feelings and forgotten how to tap into the power of your guidance system.

You may have been taught to ignore it or found a way to use food, drugs, sex or other addictive habits,  to make your uncomfortable feelings go away.

Someone in your life showed you how to doubt, shame or hate yourself so deeply that you simply disconnected from your feelings and emotions.

I feel for you because I also lost touch with my deepest, most intuitively unique skills.


Let me tell you…..all is not lost!!


You are not broken or too







Or any of those limiting statements that you may think about yourself or others may have said to you.

You are whole and complete just as you are. You just may need someone to help you discover your body’s inner wisdom again (Me xo).


Here is a simple tool to help YOU tap back into your powerful feelings and your packets of emotional energy!!


During your quiet time in the morning and evening, take a few minutes to run through this set of “Sensory Tools” to help you FEEL into your body, your mind, your environment and your state of being!!

Visual (V): Notice what your eyes can see in the space around you.

Auditory (A): Notice what you sounds you hear.

Kinesthetic (K): Notice what feelings or sensations your body is telling you.

Olfactory (O): Notice what smells or faint scents are in the air.

Gustatory (G): Do you taste anything?  What is the texture of the food/drink in your mouth? Is it hot/cold? Salty or sweet?

Self-Talk (ST): What are you saying to yourself? What thoughts are you thinking? Is your internal voice positive or negative?

Spend some quiet time with yourself and jot down your answers in your journal as you tap into your senses.

This is my favorite tool to help clients to reconnect with their feelings, sensations and emotions.

I 100% believe that you will reestablish your trust and a loving relationship with your emotional guidance system!!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!!



If you get stuck and need my help, set up a time to learn how to use these tools and more by clicking here:


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