When you love yourself enough to confidently say…
“I’m not available for that”, and you put up a firm, healthy boundary… you increase your self-worth and value 1000%!?

My clients always feel a bit uncomfortable when I teach them this phrase because they are worried about offending someone?

But my reframe is, “well what about YOUR feelings, needs and wants?”

And then I usually ask, “Why do you feel responsible for their feelings?” ☺️

That’s when I say, “You cannot make anyone feel anything, only they can do that with their own thoughts and self-talk!!”?

I love teaching the skill of Honoring your “YES” and your “NO”.
It gives you a new sense of value, trust and respect for yourself!

Listening inwards to your most valuable voice and saying “NO” when you mean it…or saying “YES” when you wholeheartedly want it…will bring you such joy, peace, ease and freedom!☮️

It is one of the most valuable tools you can use to retrain yourself to build a loving relationship with that very most important person…YOU ?

I invite you to give it a go and let me know what happens…seriously, you can message me ?

What is 1 thing that you can say “NO” to this week that helps you honor what you truly want?

Are you READY to learn how to Honor Your Own “Yes” and “No”?

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