Does this sound like you? 

You give and give and by the end of the day you have nothing left for yourself.

Your family, chores or your work come well before your needs on the list of to-dos.

You are feeling drained and it’s starting to get to you.

I feel for you and I see how tired you are because I see it in your posts, hear it in your voice and sense it by looking at your face.

You aren’t comfortable feeling like this anymore and you want to stop living this way.

How awesome would it be if you could experience your life with less stress, more energy, and a firm practice of honoring your OWN needs?

Yes, I know that you really want to be happy; however, you tell me that this is what you have to do. 

You say that this is who you are and you feel stuck because you know that if you don’t do IT who else will?

Are you OVER being the one who’s always giving, people-pleasing and smiling, even while you feel like crying or screaming inside?

Know that I am here for you and you don’t have to put your needs last. You are allowed to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty ?

I am here to listen, offer guidance and support to you ( this is really me, Denise, behind all of these blogs ☺️)

Allow me to help you get started in becoming more aware of what it takes to ensure that you are honoring your self! Click on the link to get my Checklist: 

Self-Care Awareness Checklist .pdf

If you have any questions, please contact me today.

With your health and happiness in mind,

Denise xo

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