Soothe Your Mood Without Food


Soothe Your Mood without Food


Have you ever felt like you could just eat and eat, and NEVER feel satisfied?

Do you have a never-ending to-do list that keeps you busy, stressed and overwhelmed that you totally lose YOURSELF in the chaos?

Are you so burdened with stress and emotionally draining situations that all you want to do is grab a quick food fix to numb out?

Now I know, that YOU know, which of your unique struggles and situations lead YOU to soothe yourself with food.

Therefore, YOU know what happens next?

Your judgmental mean girl comes in to make you feel like crap because you once again put chocolate in your mouth to stop feeling stressed. 

Then you are flooded with those dreadful feelings of shame, guilt and anger and you start berating yourself for doing it again!


Time to STOP the self-sabotage cycle!


Isn’t it time to put an end to this self-defeating pattern and allow your emotions to be heard and felt?

Would you like to give yourself the loving attention that you truly DESERVE?

I wonder if you could spend time and allow yourself to notice what it is that you are REALLY feeling because that’s really what your mind and body crave.

Tell me, what is it that you really need or want?

Could you choose to treat yourself with love and kindness instead of sabotaging yourself with food?

Instead of staying stuck in the states of overwhelming stress, anxiety or other emotions, would you be willing to change that pattern and do some self-care?

(( I ask a lot of questions don’t I? LOL. It helps you, like my clients discover THEIR own unique answers xo)


Create Your Own Personal Nourishment Menu!

I have my clients create their own Menus because they love the power and feelings of control that it gives them.

A menu like this serves to soothe your emotional needs since it helps YOU to find other ways to nourish your feelings.

You have my permission to carve out time to LOVE and CARE for YOURSELF!

It will take a bit of time to change your mindset to think of self-care first. Thankfully you will soon enjoy the feelings of “personal nourishment” instead of your usual shame, guilt and self-sabotage.


Some “MENU” items that my clients have created for themselves include:

· Getting a massage

· Practicing yoga

· Dancing to their favorite tunes

· Making an at-home spa day

· Journaling

· Watching a comedy and laugh out loud

· Watching an emotional drama and let the tears flow

· Walking in nature

· Sleeping

· A weekend away ALONE

· Chatting to a friend

· Finding quiet, stillness to just BE



I wonder what YOU could create for yourself.

Gift yourself the time to make your own MENU at home to choose something to soothe your emotions and allow them to be felt in a safe space.

Trust me, after 40 days of consciously choosing to nourish your emotional needs, you WILL leave behind those self-sabotaging cycles of using food.

If you find that you have been struggling with using food to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, shame or any other troubling emotion, I would love to hop on a call with you to see if I can help you overcome this pattern.

Schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session today.

With your health and happiness in mind,

Denise xo


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