Stop caring what they think

Stop caring what THEY think!


Are you afraid to ask for what you want because you’re worried about what “they” will think?

So instead, you shove down your desires and return to pleasing others to keep them happy. Quietly, you hear your inner voice saying, “It’s best not to rock the boat.”

Some of us learned to go to the Mall to forget. I learned to eat to stuff down my emotions.

But eventually, your body won’t allow you to keep stuffing down your emotions, and it starts screaming at you.

Would you allow yourself to feel them when your back goes into spasm? Find yourself short of breath? Tummy troubles?


“You’ll be okay if you allow yourself to feel your feelings.

You will not be harmed, insulted, or judged if you start expressing yourself.”


I want to give you my permission to make new rules for yourself and live your life according to what makes you happy.

You can feel safe, get back your power and make choices for yourself without giving an F about what they think!

“They can’t hurt you anymore.

“They” don’t walk in your shoes or live in your mind and body.

Their opinion doesn’t matter anymore because YOURS finally does!


Learn how to stop caring what they think


I will support you in letting go of those old beliefs so that you don’t need anyone’s approval in making decisions. You will let go of the emotions you’ve stuffed down so you can free up energy to create new ways to express yourself. I help my clients do all of this in my Rewire into Radiance transformational coaching program.

If you’re a woman who grew up with parents from the baby boomer or post-war generations, I’m speaking to you. And, if you grew up with a narcissist in your house, you know the pain of being judged, neglected, harmed, or shamed for having an opinion.


After we work together, you will be able to:

  • Create firm boundaries to say “NO” when you mean it and not feel guilty about it?
  • Have confidence in your ability to make decisions based on what you want and need to do?
  • Leave behind old ways of being stressed and anxious because you will have found self-care tools that help you stay focused, calm, and feeling at ease?
  • Retire old habits of addictive eating or other emotional coping habits?

  • Calm your mind and quit overthinking to effortlessly tune into your intuitive wisdom to know what feels right and good for you?


Your 6-month Rewire into Radiance journey is created uniquely for you.


Here’s an overview of the steps we will take together:

Together we will discover what’s troubling you, getting in your way, or stopping you from getting what you want.

Then, we begin the coaching process of evaluating and treating the 3 Key Areas for Transformational Change: Behaviors, Beliefs, and Being:

  1. Behaviors – we will work on creating new self-care and healthy habits so that you can always feel good inside
  2. Beliefs – we will work on your mindset so that your thoughts and how you speak to yourself make you feel confident.
  3. Being – we will work on your being, how you feel, and live your life daily to experience greater happiness and overall well-being.


I will lovingly help you become aware of what’s getting in your way in making changes in all areas of your life.

If you’re motivated and ready to join my Rewire Into Radiance Program to have this level of confidence, self-love, and trust in yourself, Set up a time to chat with me, and you can ask me lots of questions about how I can help you.

Denise xo




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