Guard your mind and keep your cravings in check!


Hands up if you crave foods that are sweet or salty?


I feel like we all have them to some degree; especially, if we are stressed, overworked, overtired and are triggered by an event/memory.


However, it’s your persistent, recurring ones that over take your mind and spin your body (and mouth) out of control because they do need your attention STAT!!

Do you find that you have a daily DESIRE and a DEPENDENCE on some food or drink?


Perhaps, your life is being negatively affected to where you seek out these foods in an obsessive manner?

Now, I will be the first to tell you that YOU can give yourself a bit of grace if you’re craving chips, sweets, and baked goods because those foods are magical.

Most of the packaged or processed goodies were DESIGNED to have you come back for MORE….and MORE…and MORE!!

That’s right, you are actually being trained to be addicted to these foods because they have that POWER over your PHYSIOLOGY!!

Let’s take those Doritos which we all know are the perfect little specimen of a chip. It was DESIGNED to TEMPT you to eat the WHOLE bag!!


What about your beloved Frappuccino that continues to BE your comfort pick me up at 3pm? It sure has the right magical concoction to keep you coming back for more!


Trust me, I know. I was a big binge eater for 3 decades:  brownie mix and pretzels were my go-to comfort foods!

Ditch the dieting, deprivation and restrictions ​

If you want to take BACK your BRAIN and your physiology, begin to let go of those foods that have you trained to crave more!!

The worst offenders that are triggering cravings are foods with:



Gluten products


Trans fat

Fast foods

Processed/chemical-filled packaged goods

I have to remind my clients that cravings are created by the foods that you eat over and over again.


Then there’s your precious reptilian brain which is jumping for you because you’re giving it more of what it desires…aka creating “addictions”.


Being addicted to sugar and flour is technically NOT an emotional eating disorder; BUT, it can sure promote one!!!


It is in fact a biological disorder which started by the intake of sugar/flours/etc. which totally creates HORMONE HELL for your body!!


Once this cascade of events starts rolling out in your physiology, you find that you have issues with overeating/binge eating and so on!!


Sadly, these “cravings culprits” are the reason nearly 70 percent of Americans and 40 percent of kids are overweight!!!


In one study, Harvard scientists found that a high-sugar milkshake (compared to a low-sugar one) not only spiked blood sugar and insulin, it led to sugar cravings because of huge changes in the brain. The sugar lit up the addiction center in the brain like the sky on the Fourth of July!!


Yikes!!! You do not WANT to contribute to your cravings, right??


​Stop them even before the start!



Let me help you TAKE back control over your mindset, your hormones and your meals:

  1. Be an ingredient detective to discover all the names and ways that sugar, flours, trans fats and dairy are hidden in your foods.
  2. Observe your body’s response to your food intake to assess if indeed your food choices are fueling your own cravings!!
  3. Make your life SIMPLE by going back to the basics and eating what your body is REALLY needing…. nutrients!
  4. Allow yourself to eat a selection of healthy fats, quality proteins, veggies and carbs that aren’t cravings-makers
  5. Eat enough to FUEL your busy body or back off if you are a bit more sedentary
  6. friends with your bed and create a sleep routine that helps YOU sleep enough hours for your body’s needs
  7. Create a self-care routine that allows you to curb your reactions to “stress” which then decreases that hormonal surge that promotes more cravings and weight gain.


How does that sound?​


Easy peasy? ?


If it doesn’t and it seems overwhelming and stressful to you, email me denise@deniselynnmorrison  to ask me about my 8- Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.


You’ll get my coaching, guidance and advising for 8 weeks, One on One, and with daily support via Voxer/text.


I will help you to: kick your cravings, gain control of your eating habits, discover what it is that YOUR unique body needs to eat, when to eat and how to feel good around food again!!


Know that you are not alone when it comes to having cravings….especially over the past few years ?

With your health and happiness in mind,

Dr. Denise xo


Need help RIGHT NOW??

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