WHY you may NOT be seeing the results that you want in life

WHY you aren’t seeing success?


Are you struggling to overcome something that’s been bothering you?

Do you feel like you “try and try” to get past this obstacle but you always fail?

Do you “know” what to do, but you just don’t do what you “should” be doing?

Are you waiting for inspiration or motivation to hit you over the head until you finally get what you want?

Still wondering when all of your efforts will actually work for you?

These are actual questions that I have asked many, many clients.

I want to save you time, money and energy by sharing with you what I have learned from working with folks just like you.

Inside the transformational coaching session


I will share a brief summary of the major learnings from our sessions as the details are very unique to each client.

Obviously, you can go so much deeper and wider for each question.

If you find that they are helpful to you, that’s fantastic. If they do not resonate with you, perhaps you can share this blog with someone who needs my help?

Also, when I use the word “YOU”, know that I am using my loving, helpful, Coach voice.

If you also grew up with someone who was VERY judgmental, condescending or negative, you may be triggered by the word. It could be that you have an old belief that you are “bad” when you hear “YOU.”

My role is to help you see, feel and understand what you can’t and I do so from a loving, curious and non-judgmental space.

Learnings, insights and “A-Ha” moments


You are so used to being stuck in your uncomfortable “comfort” zone because it’s safe and familiar, even though it sucks.

The change that you seek is outside of your comfort zone. Naturally, it’s scary, seems overwhelming and out of the scope of your imagined possibilities.

You have not actually done the work deeply enough to make lasting changes.

Someone told you to “try” your best. You worked too hard and overdid things. That’s called getting stuck in the pattern of “trying.”

As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.”


You “know what to do but you just don’t do it” is a common stuck place for being in your “head” and not taking it to the next level. Or as I tell my clients, “information does not equal transformation.” 

Speaking of transformation, you may get stuck in your head thinking that learning more information will get you results.

You may see results for a short time. However, 90% of the time, you have limiting beliefs, memories, stories and excuses that will affect your ability to sustain any new changes.

You are waiting for someone/something to motivate or inspire you to change. This may work for some.

Typically, when your focus is on something EXTERNAL,  you will not get far.

The EXTERNAL will change, go away, or not actually have your best interests in mind. (e.g. a pandemic)

Switch your focus INTERNALLY and you will get long-lasting success!

Switch your focus to what inspires, motivates and sets off YOUR inner feelings of success.

Many of my clients were able to notice where they were focusing and let go of these self-sabotaging strategies:  the “comparison game”, the “perfectionist trap” or “analysis paralysis.”


Letting go of the past and moving towards what you DO want


Those strategies kept them focused on something/someone OUTSIDE of themselves for the trigger to ACT. That action may have been to do a workout, start a new nutrition plan or become the person who they desired to be.

Once they realized that they were always relying on someone/something else, they were able to let go of those strategies. With my guidance, they created their own tools to be self-motivated and count on them daily.

I am grateful to continue to be a part of their transformational process and see how much energy, confidence and control they gain from stepping into their own power!!



I invite you to become aware of your internal voice or conversation.

Is it seeking an external cue for you to rely on to get what you want?

Or, are you tapped into those internal feelings of awesomeness to motivate you?

Become more familiar with your internal “knowing” to sense where you seek approval, motivation or the cue to do something.

Begin a new practice of tuning into your own inner wisdom to create the mindset, self-talk, habits and actions to get you what you want in life.

If you find that you are unsure of this process or stuck in your own way, Schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session with me so I can listen and assess where you may be confused or stuck!

Denise xo




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