Your Challenges Are Your Greatest Gifts



Could you be thankful for your challenges?


I  have heard from many of you that you struggle with emotional eating.
Some of you have told me that you don’t even know what it feels like to be hungry anymore.
That’s because you’ve been eating when you feel stressed, sad, or like a failure. Perhaps, you have lost touch with your true body’s wisdom?
You’ve shared that you feel bad because you have gotten into the habit of using food to cope with your feelings.
Trust me, it’s so hard break your “bad” habits because you feel stuck in a pattern and can’t stop. 
Well my friend, it’s a new day, a new week and a chance to make fresh start!!! 

I wonder if you could look at your eating struggles in a different light?


Could your eating habits and behaviors be a signal from deep within that needs your attention?

Take me for example, I had to consciously STOP and get real with what I was doing to my body.

Yes, I am a recovering perfectionist, master of self-sabotage and emotional eater. 
My eating habits were a HUGE symptom of something that I wasn’t willing to face. So, I used to push myself too hard, shame my body and thrived on perfectionism.
My struggles with eating were really covering up my core belief that I wasn’t good enough and that was hard to face. 
I sure did everything possible to hide that belief and my strategy was to eat lots of sweets. My other favorites were to stay busy and enrolling in new courses to avoid listening to my feelings.
Thankfully, my Coach helped me to get really present and listen to my inner wisdom.

Allow me to save you a lot of time and money!

I invite YOU to look at your eating struggles or any of the big obstacles that have come up in your life.
Could you see them as a GIFT to help you learn ways to become the best version of yourself? 
Instead of seeing them as problems, imperfections, or something to be fixed, see them as opportunities to learn how you function best.

What are they telling you about your thoughts, self-talk and beliefs?


How could these GIFTS offer you an opportunity to really look at what needs attention, affection, love and compassion in your life?

As the saying goes, your MESSAGE comes from your MESS.

What can YOU learn about yourself from your messy challenges, habits, struggles and issues?
I can guarantee that all of you have something amazing to learn about yourselves !!
I wholeheartedly believe that you can GROW, CHANGE and BECOME the best version of you that you wish to be!!!
Would you like some help with that?

Schedule your Free Discovery Session today.

With your health and happiness in mind,

Denise xo



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