So how do you know if your relationship with food is off-balance?


  • On a diet more often than not?
  • When the number on the scale goes up you shame yourself for it?
  • Exercise is how you compensate for having eaten something “bad” instead of aiming to improve your fitness or rocking a strong, fit body?
  • Your mind is full of thoughts about food all the time and you’re anxious (planning, obtaining, preparing, consuming)?
  • Diet foods are always in your shopping cart?
  • Avoid social outings for fear of having to make difficult food decisions and often eat in private (either over-consuming or under-consuming)?
  • Eating when emotions arise  (stress, boredom, entertainment, happiness, sadness, etc.) then feel guilty post-binge/over or emotional eating session?


Do any of these behaviors sound familiar to you?

Sadly, thought patterns such as these can lead to cycles of yo-yo dieting which can wreak HAVOC on your metabolism.

When you are mentally beating yourself up over food, that mindset alone can hinder weight-loss and even lead to a more serious eating disorder.


I had totally lost my connection to my actual hunger cues.


I was constantly obsessed about my meals, the calories in my food and the timing of my meals.  I avoided going out to restaurants with family or friends because I was SOO attached to my very unhealthy relationship with eating.

It really took out all the joy out of eating. I was in a constant state of stress and because my body felt that it was under threat, I held onto the weight. 

The struggle within myself was so real!!

Thankfully, I learned how to “reprogram” my brain and reset my way of thinking about food.

I learned how to have a much happier, healthier and respectful, loving relationship with my food and my body.


Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to have such FREEDOM in your schedule to NOT obsess with food?


Stop worrying about where your next meal was coming from and when?

Finally use food for fuel/nutrition and pleasure and not as a comfort, for stress reduction or punishment?


After my clients experience a 3 Month Coaching Program, they come away with a healthy relationship to food and understand just what to eat for their unique body, mind, and spirit.

You can stop comparing yourself to unrealistic role models or images you see on Facebook or Instagram.

And you may even feel comfortable enough to order a juicy hamburger; when your friend orders a  salad! 

It’s a beautiful experience to watch my clients fall in love with themselves!

They love being in their body;  at a size and weight that they enjoy!

I love watching them claim their power, confidence and energy as they become free from their struggles that kept them stuck for YEARS!


If you find that you are stuck in a cycle of eating habits and behaviors that bring you shame, guilt and extra pounds AND you are 100% READY to overcome them, click my link to schedule your FREE Discovery Session today:


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