Suffering from “self-neglect syndrome?”

Suffering from Self-Neglect Syndrome?


Are you…


No energy


Cravings kicking in




Annoyed with people

Frustrated with yourself

Not enough time to do the things you need to do…and want to do?

You may be suffering from self-neglect syndrome.


You are not alone.


This is also not a joke and I am here to remind you to take your self-care seriously.


Think about the effects on your precious body and life if you were to continue to neglect yourself. In my practice, I see the manifestations of chronic mental and physical illnesses, diseases, loss of friendships, loss of jobs, and more.

My mentor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, reminds us that our beliefs and behaviors affect our biology so if you keep on this path of putting yourself last, it may not end well for you and your family.

Let me offer you some support.

If you were my client sitting across from me on Zoom (or on the phone), I would ask you these questions.

Are you saying YES when you really mean YES; and saying NO when you really mean NO?

Do you give away your power to something or someone else and push your own needs, self-worth and boundaries aside?


Allow me to elaborate so you can get a sense of what this looks and feels like.


Take me for example.

When the phone is ringing and a certain someone is calling me and I see their name, I start to feel my jaw clench and my breathing stop because I really do not want to answer it.

If I neglect my body’s wisdom and distract myself from the screaming voice inside of me saying, “NO, don’t answer it!” and I take the call, I just fall back into the pattern of being submissive and ignoring my personal boundaries.

So, at that moment, I neglected my true needs, self-worth, and value and put theirs ahead of mine.

Of course, if this was an urgent matter, I would self-assess and know that I would need to take the call as a responsible adult would do.

However, if you know that there are certain people, events, TV shows, social media sites, etc. that will trigger you in any way, you can start to assess if they are truly a “YES” or “NO” in your life.

Usually, they will be a “NO” because they suck your energy, time, and sanity, and you feel bad when you take part in them.


Losing touch with your inner guidance to trust in yourself


So, if you repeatedly ignore your body and its inner wisdom also known as your needs, wants, and desires, you teach yourself that you can’t be trusted. You lose that intimate connection between your inner wisdom because you get stuck in your mind doing all the “shoulds” and “musts” that the world has put upon you.

As I have witnessed with many of my clients, their connection to their very personal, intuitive self gets disconnected and they fill that void, grieve that loss, or numb out any inklings of real feelings by using food, drugs, sex, alcohol, people-pleasing, or other forms of self-abuse.

Want to know how to stop and reconnect yourself to your inner wisdom?


I invite you to use a tool that I call “Honoring Your “Yes” and Your “No”.


  1. Grab a pen and paper or type this into a note on your phone.
  2.  Free write your 10 most important priorities in your life. These are things like sleeping, clean eating, exercise, family time, self-care, religious/spiritual practices, and so on.
  3.  Now think about all of the activities that you do each day, and “assess” how each one feels in your body.
  4. Ask your inner guidance/intuition, “Is this activity in line with my most important priorities?”  If it is, you can put a star next to it since that is an example of you “Honoring your “YES.”
  5. Next, think about all of the activities in your life that you are doing but you really want to say “NO” to and cross them out. Create a new list of all the activities that you do in your life that will truly honor your 10 most important priorities.
  6. Continue to monitor your daily activities by self-assessing each thing that you do or person you are speaking to, is honoring your priorities. Are they filling you up with joy, energy, time, and happiness? Or does that activity bring up feelings of dread, sadness, anger, or guilt?
  7. Make the decision to choose to say  “NO” to those bad feeling activities. And if “they” are disappointed, that reaction is on them.
  8.  Smile and celebrate for choosing to honor your most precious inner wisdom and trust in yourself.



Do you need more support, guidance, and accountability in working on Honoring Your Self?

Click on my link to chat with me:​​

Looking forward to meeting you,

Denise xo

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