3 Ways to Enhance the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Did you know your mind, body, and spirit have a connection?

There has been a disconnect between our precious minds and bodies in the last several years. Our minds and bodies keep us moving, talking, dancing, and being ourselves. They need to be nurtured and loved.  

I wasn’t taught how to stay connected between mind, body, and soul when I was growing up. It took years to gather my scattered pieces and put them together like a puzzle. Over the years, I finally brought myself back into a wholly aligned space where my body, mind, and soul are connected.

Now I’m grounded within myself, and it’s incredible. 

You can do that too. Keep reading.

Why are we so disconnected?

The world is chaotic. Social media, news, notifications, and electronics constantly stimulate us. They keep us on high alert, in fight or flight mode. We’re always on guard and wondering how we will stay safe.

We often ask ourselves:

  • Do I belong?
  • Who’s going to love me?
  • Do I fit in?
  • Am I doing life okay?
  • What will others think of me?

Constantly asking those questions is a very stressful and disconnected way to be. Suppose we are continually swirling around in our brains, eyes darting all around, looking for a safe place. We are most likely not paying attention to our heart racing, muscles tensing, jaw clenching, back aching, joints inflaming, or gurgling gut. We will be disconnected if we’re not paying attention to this beautiful body’s wisdom and our tuition, we will be disconnected. 

With all the noise and chaos, we have to pay extra special attention to what it means for us individually to stay connected. How do we keep our minds and body connected peacefully? Our mind has great power and potential to change our bodies, to listen to our bodies so we can live happily, easily, healthily, and feel vibrant without all the turmoil.  

I have spoken to many women who were not taught how to heal this disconnect. There was a time that meditation and yoga were considered too woo-woo.   These days we know that slowing down and paying attention to our mind or body is the healthy and best way to live. You can choose how you want to connect your mind, body, spirit, and soul.  

Get out of your own way

As I’ve spoken to many women in the last few months, I’ve often heard that they wish they had support to “get out of my own way. I’m stuck in my head. I’m worrying. I’m overthinking. There is so much to do.”

Have you ever had thoughts like that?

If we surround ourselves with those thoughts daily, it’s no wonder we have so much static inside our heads! No wonder we are struggling to focus on what’s most important. We must stop focusing on the outside and start focusing on healing the inside. 

If you have neck pain, headaches, eye struggles, difficulty or shortness of breath, tight upper body muscles, hunched posture, or stressed guts, I invite you to get out of your own way. 

Get clear between the ears

It’s critical to guard your mind. Guard what’s coming in, taking your focus, attention, and time and draining your energy. You get to choose what comes in. That’s the power of slowing down, pausing, and observing from a step back.   When you slow down or break, ask yourself:

  • Do I need that noise playing in the background when I’m upset?
  • Why am I spending all this time scrolling?
  • Am I enjoying what I see on TV?
  • Do I love those conversations with people, or do they leave me feeling icky, stressed, and exhausted?
  • Why do I need chips, sweets, or coffee to pick me up?

Our energy tanks can be drained from the things we’ve seen, given our time to, negative energy, or comments drawing us down. So guarding your mind and being aware of what’s coming into your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body is a beautiful way to start paying attention. What do you value putting your time into? How are you connecting the mind, body, spirit, and soul? Then, decide what you don’t need and can eliminate.

Become clear on what you are taking in and putting out every day, so it feels flow, easy, and healthy, and you feel better mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Making excuses

It’s common to hang onto our old stories, excuses, shaming, judging, and limiting mindsets and beliefs. The brain is so powerful that it will stay stuck when you are shaming yourself because you’re giving your attention to it. 

Sometimes if we aren’t cautious or aware, we will stay in that spiral of saying negative things about ourselves. It affects our whole body. You’ll be agitated, sick, get more colds and flu, lack focus, etc. The list goes on. When you don’t get out of your own way and stop making excuses, your whole body is working against you. 

Here are a few ways that you can free up the channels between your mind, body, heart, and soul:

1 – Spend some time being quiet

I have a daily practice to regain my sense of connection. It allows me to show up and be the person I want to be every day. 

2 – Mental Declutter

What are you hearing? What are you thinking? What are you saying to yourself? What’s spinning around in your overthinking thoughts?  

You can clear all those thoughts by journaling for 20 minutes. Set a timer and spill everything out on paper. Then put it aside. 

Later, come back to your journaling and reread it. You will most likely think, “is this really what I think, hear, feel, and believe about myself?” It’s not uncommon for social media to change the way we think about ourselves. 

3 – Flip the Script

If you have negative thoughts about yourself, it’s time to flip the script. If you think of anything disempowering or sabotaging, do something with it.  

Often we weren’t taught what to do with those feelings as we grew up. We’ve been taught to feel shame or judgment when we feel mad, sad, upset, frustrated, etc. Those powerful negative emotions are like little energetic pockets of information that signal you that something is wrong. We are prepared to shut it off and tuck it away. 

Finding a way to be comfortable in your body is critical to paying attention to what’s happening with your body, mind, and soul. I have learned over the years that my body needs to be regulated. I do that by working out every day. Then I ground myself with yoga, breathing exercises, writing, and pure stillness. 

Release what’s tucked away

It may be scary initially because it’s not something we have been allowed to do in the past. When you have those moments, write them out in your journal. This will give you a witness to what you have released in a safe, loving, nonjudgemental space and the connection we so desperately desire. 

Aligning the chakras and your energetic centers will help you know what’s happening between your ears. You’ll discover your patterns, habits, thoughts, sayings, stories, and feelings. Your awareness will help you build trust, confidence, and self-esteem because you are paying attention to the most crucial person inside you. 

I want you to live a fantastic, happy, healthy, and abundant life. If you need help with this in a safe, comfortable loving environment, I can help. I can help you unlearn, blocking yourself from success. 

I challenge you to write in your journal and teach me (yes, teach me!) how you get in your own way. Please guide me on how you sabotage yourself, fall off track, and let yourself get stressed. It will be an eye-opening, enlightening, and freeing exercise.  

After you do this, take some time to be still. You may enjoy soothing music with no words. Lavender and calming essential oils can help too. I guarantee you’ll have more insights, awareness, flow, and connection between your body, mind, spirit, and soul. 

What if you let go of your overthinking habit and brain? Let go of worrying? What would your life look like if you stopped sabotaging yourself and getting in your own way? 


I would be honored to be your person, guide, and secret weapon. And if you are ready to dive in, I’m glad too! I’ll be in your back pocket for six weeks to guide you on your journey.

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