It’s okay to be bored

.It’s okay to be bored


I wrote this for you… my busy, high-achieving, and always on-the-go friend.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be bored?

If you’re old enough to remember those days when we had no internet services, no social media or 24-hour television to keep us constantly stimulated, you know what I mean.

As kids, my sister and I would whine to our Mom, “We’re so bored!” to which she would respond, “Go out and play,” or “Go find your Barbies or grab some crayons and keep yourselves entertained.”

I remember sitting on the curb with all of my neighborhood pals, back in Freehold, NJ. fussing and moaning because our Moms told us to get out and play. We would be grumpy from boredom but soon, one of us would tell a joke, get up and dance or start a game.

It was the best thing our Moms did for us back then because it allowed us to tap into our intuitions, imaginations, and youthful talents of making stuff up.

We had lots of time, space, and freedom to create something out of nothing and had a blast doing so.

Oh, the stories I could tell would fill pages and pages of living during a time without all of the digital noise and overstimulation.

And, I guarantee if you’re a “GenXer” like me, you’d say the same.


Being bored


My husband and I jumped for joy when a recent snowstorm shut down our little city because it quickly transported us back to our childhoods and going outside to play in the snow.

As we walked the snow-covered, serene streets,  we laughed and frolicked about like we were 5-year-olds again. My husband’s kid-like giggles brought me such joy and rekindled those old days of being bored.

We looked at one another and thought, gosh, when was the last time we felt bored?

As children, we were fortunate enough to have become skilled in the art of overcoming boredom.


Yet, now we pine for days when there’s nothing to do.

We love just “being”.



Free to choose what to do with our days

Untethered from our busy work-life-business calendars

Gentle enough to let ourselves nap

Inspired to paint, play an instrument, or cook and bake

Motivated to have a dance party with our son

Filled with silliness to play board games like Monopoly, cards, or charades

Contemplative about what our bodies feel and need to replenish ourselves completely without costing a dime, plugging into an App or Netflix, or being productive


Stillness, silence, and self-reflection


I feel a great sense of ease and peace during this snowstorm.

Our extended “pandemic pause” has helped me fully process what happened during our emotional rollercoaster over the past 3 years.

I am now more in touch with my cute little self from Freehold and feel a total reset of my “being”.

I highly recommend doses of boredom stillness and silence, it does the mind-body-soul such good.

The big noisy world can surely mess with every one of us so much that we lose touch with our cute little selves.  If we aren’t careful, we will live according to what society says we are supposed to be and stop tapping into our unique inner being.


Find your way back to being you


Like many of my clients, I had lost touch with my unique inner being. I was led so far away from my truest essence, power, light, and joy that I became unwell-mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Thankfully, I was able to find my guides to help me align with the real, authentic me. Now I have fully stepped into “being” me, and part of my “being” is as an educator, helper, and guide for someone like you.

Allow me to give you permission to carve out time to be bored and just be.

Enjoy the inspiration, whispers, and knowings that bubble up from within, listen and trust them, always.

Release any old memories that carry heavy emotions and thank yourself for letting them go.

Praise yourself for taking the time to sit, feel, hear, see, and sense what truly brings you joy, happiness, and peace…on YOUR terms.


I can guarantee if you allow yourself to be that amazing cute little kid, filled with pure positive potential, you will get up and feel more vibrant and alive every single day.

Go back and get in touch with YOU….you deserve to be best friends with yourself xo


Your mental, physical and emotional wellness advocate,

Denise xo


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