Reclaim Your Authentic Self: Healing Developmental Trauma


Healing Developmental Trauma

We’re all “programmed” and “imprinted” during childhood. If you were fortunate enough to have a wonderfully loving and supportive childhood, what I’m about to say may not resonate with you. However, many women, including me and my clients, were negatively impacted during childhood. We were stifled in our personal development and told we “should” be something other than our true selves.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with many women who have faced personal and developmental challenges stemming from childhood trauma. Trauma in childhood can disrupt normal brain development and emotional growth, leading to long-term difficulties in emotional regulation, forming healthy relationships, and maintaining a stable sense of self. If this resonates with you, read on to learn how to start to heal from developmental trauma and reclaim your authentic self. 

Common Challenges

  1. Emotional Regulation: Many women struggle to manage intense emotions like fear, anger, or shame. These overwhelming feelings can arise suddenly and be difficult to control, impacting daily life and overall well-being.
  2. Relationships: Forming and maintaining healthy relationships can be a significant challenge. Women with developmental trauma often feel insecure, engage reactively, and find it hard to establish predictable, safe connections with others.
  3. Sense of Self: A fragile sense of self is a common issue. Women may battle feelings of inadequacy and the pressure of carrying unfulfilled dreams and expectations from previous generations, constantly doubting their worth and abilities.

Overcoming Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage, Anxiety, and Low Self-Esteem

In my coaching practice, I specialize in helping women overcome emotional eating, self-sabotage, anxiety, and low self-esteem to become more confident, calm, and in control. Utilizing the powerful tools of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) alongside Health and Life Coaching techniques, I guide my clients through transformative processes that address the root causes of these issues.

Emotional Eating and Self-Sabotage

By identifying the underlying emotional triggers that lead to unhealthy eating habits and self-sabotaging behaviors, I help women develop healthier coping strategies. Through NLP, we reframe negative thought patterns and create new, empowering beliefs that support their goals.

Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem

Anxiety and low self-esteem often stem from past experiences and ingrained negative self-perceptions. Using NLP and coaching techniques, I work with clients to dismantle these limiting beliefs, build self-confidence, and foster a sense of inner calm. This holistic approach allows them to develop a more positive self-image and handle stress more efficiently.

Building Confidence and Control

Through personalized coaching sessions, my clients learn to set and achieve realistic goals, build resilience, and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This journey towards self-discovery and empowerment helps them reclaim their confidence, embrace their true selves, and lead lives aligned with their authentic desires and values.

The Path to Healing

Healing from developmental trauma is a journey that involves understanding and addressing these deep-seated impacts. Here are some essential steps on this path:

  1. Safety and Predictability: Building a secure, stable environment is crucial. Establishing routines, seeking supportive relationships, and finding spaces where you feel safe can make a significant difference.
  2. Self-Regulation: Learning to manage emotions is a vital part of healing. Techniques such as mindfulness, therapy, and self-care can help build resilience and improve emotional regulation.
  3. Experiential Psychoeducation: Understanding how your past influences your present can be incredibly empowering. Knowledge is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of trauma and reclaiming your sense of self.
  4. Open Communication: Sharing your experiences and feelings with trusted individuals can be profoundly healing. It helps validate your journey and breaks the isolation often felt with trauma.

Trauma-Informed Approaches

As a Trauma-Informed Health and Life Coach, I help my clients clear away the confusion, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and mind-clutter that doesn’t belong to them. This journey is about rediscovering the amazingly unique being filled with love, light, and unique gifts and talents that you were before the world imposed its expectations on you.

To support healing, trauma-informed approaches focus on:

  • Safety & Predictability: Creating a secure environment where you feel safe.
  • Self-Regulation: Developing strategies to manage and cope with emotions.
  • Experiential Psychoeducation: Gaining insights into how past experiences affect current behaviors and thoughts.
  • Open Communication: Encouraging honest and supportive conversations to break the cycle of trauma.

Moving Forward

Remember, your past does not define you. Each step towards understanding and healing is a step towards a brighter future. Embrace your journey with courage and self-compassion. Healing from developmental trauma is not only possible but also a transformative process that allows you to reclaim your true self and live a fulfilling life.

If you feel called to share your story, explore whether you may have been affected by childhood developmental trauma, or simply need someone to listen, I am here to support you. Please tap the button below to schedule a call with me.

It would be my honor to guide you on your path to healing.

Warm regards,

Denise xo


Q: What is developmental trauma?

A: Developmental trauma occurs during childhood and disrupts normal brain development and emotional growth, often leading to long-term difficulties in emotional regulation, forming healthy relationships, and maintaining a stable sense of self.

Q: How can coaching help with developmental trauma?

A: Coaching can provide support, tools, and strategies to help individuals understand and manage the impacts of developmental trauma, leading to improved emotional regulation, healthier relationships, and a stronger sense of self.

Q: What are some common signs of developmental trauma?

A: Common signs include difficulties managing emotions, forming and maintaining relationships, and a fragile sense of self characterized by inadequacy and self-doubt.

Q: What is Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)?

A: NLP is a psychological approach that involves analyzing and modifying thought patterns and behaviors to achieve personal goals and improve mental well-being.

Q: How can I start my healing journey?

A: Begin by creating a safe and predictable environment, learning self-regulation techniques, gaining insights into how your past affects your present, and communicating openly with trusted individuals or therapists. Seeking the guidance of a Trauma-Informed Health and Life Coach can also be beneficial.


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